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  1. virasex

    Konichiwa minasang!

    I'm VERA here, prefered to be called VIRASEX from Japan. I just got into adult web marketing having swapped from product affiliate marketing. I will have a lot to learn in this new field of online marketing and I do have some experiences to share with us all. I'm happy to be here. Why don't we...
  2. Joyce Nye

    Importance of mobile SEO

    Hey all, Why mobile SEO is so important for business?
  3. L

    Hey Guys

    Hey everyone, I'm not too sure on what all I should say here introducing myself. I joined here from the advice on someone trying to help me get my SEO business off the ground. I guess I'm pretty much here (on this forum) for marketing. My goals would be to help people with their SEO needs as I...
  4. D

    My Adult Site + Your SEO skills

    Hi i have an adult site which i have started few days ago and i am working on managing it's server, videos and front-end, back-end. I am not good at SEO and it is the main thing to drive traffic to these sites. If anyone who is good at SEO is interested in working with me can comment below. All...
  5. nifras

    I find the low competition keyword what next

    Hi I find the low competition keyword with high volume search what should i do next I know need to create content publishe and seo any proper guide For this ? I already Fail before that why ask for help
  6. aylwardgame

    What is the best hidden technique to keywords rank on Google ?

    Can you let me plz what is the best hidden technique to keywords rank on Google or others search engine ? plz answer if you already used it.
  7. aylwardgame

    Is that enough for SEO in 2019 ?

    Is that enough at SEO in 2019 for any website, what do you think ? Plz comment if need anythings to add for better in SEO (SERP) in 2019. 1. Quality Content 2. Best User Interface 3. Mobile Indexing Step 4. Website Spreed 5. SSL Security to improve Authority 6. Blogger/ Blogging & Video...
  8. M

    what is Different between SQLlite and SQL Server?

    I am fresar and I want to know different between SQLLITE and SQL Server.
  9. A

    What may be the Reason of drop in organic traffic when your website ranking is good?

    Hi All, Last month I have seen a major drop in my website's organic traffic but my website is technically sound and ranking is good I have done all the possible things for boosting traffic. what may be the reason for the drop in organic traffic. Need some suggestions regarding my query.
  10. aaronthepug

    Looking for SEO pros for a SaaS application

    Hi there, Looking to get more serious on getting ranked and traffic, and have started with getting some backlinking services on here. Now, looking for someone here who specializes in SEO (and preferably in tech/saas/software) who can get some real results. Let's talk :) Thanks
  11. V

    Increasing your Post Ranking

    I've been learning a lot from this website lately and I've been putting all of it to use and I'm beginning to see result. So for two days I created two long posts on two different topics and used Yoast to optimize the blog posts and immediately requested indexing from Google. I've attached the...
  12. V

    What's the best method to drive traffic

    I'm a new blogger and getting traffic to my blog has been the hardest thing for me now, my blog is like a week old, barely getting up to 60 views daily, i only rank on number 71 for a long tail keyword(i've optimized the post to see if i can rank higher soon). So I want to hear from expert...
  13. J

    Newbie needs advise - will u help me?

    I am new to SEO. This is not my profression but I own a small business to support my family and have been learning all I can about SEO the last few years. My site consitently lands on the first page of Google, but another competitor always beats my position and sometimes she comes up twice on...
  14. RealDaddy

    On‐Page SEO: An Actionable Guide for 2018-19

    You’ve got a keyword in mind for which you want to rank. You may even already have a GREAT piece of content. Now how do you ‘optimize’ that page so that Google not only understands what the heck it’s about but also realises that it deserves a place on the first page of the search results...
  15. crissdinesh

    Make Use of These Free SEO Tools To Rank Your Blog

    Hello, Freinds! Every newbie blogger should know these tools to rank your website: 1. (A lot of free tools - Make a donation if you want to keep tools free forever) 2. (A lot of free tools) 3.
  16. Nicolas Joffrey

    what is your opinion about my new blog ?

    Hello guys, so i have new blog and i would like to know your opinions about : - the design - SEO - and ads places My blog URL : Dz Digital Tech i'm new so any useful suggestions please :)
  17. sesamee

    SEO for math courses site? [HELP]

    Hello, my site is almost ready to start. I'm just uploading last videos and probably within a week i can launch it. It will be site with math courses for elementary to high school with videos on vimeo servers. I want to do SEO but I'm kinda clueless how that works. Can somebody answer me...
  18. learntnt

    Newbie and question for senpai, please help!

    Hi all members in BHW, I’m a newbie Sorry for this inconvenience if I caused any trouble. Sorry for my bad english, I’m a non-native speaker. May I ask guys a question: Did you hear about Trendy SEO and Resonant SEO methods ? I found out these methods is so crazy in Vietnam. All I know about...
  19. M

    Is it good to index our website categories and tags?

    Hi folks, Can someone let me know is it good idea to improve website ranking if i index my categories and tags in google search?
  20. M

    Way to quickly improve search and traffic?

    Hi folks, I am new here. I want to know quick ways to improve my traffic. I have all original content on my website and have done proper on page seo. But still i am not getting even 10 visitors a day. Please let me know how i can improve it. Thanks & Best Regards