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  1. I

    Complete NOOB at SEO wants to give it a try - willing to pay

    Hello everyone, as the title says, a complete SEO noob (even the "retard" wouldn't be insulting enough) is willing to give this a shot, and to learn all the way down from scratch. ONpage, OFFpage, backlinks, content, do's and don'ts, tricks, guides, anything. I would pay an expert to talk with...
  2. shiboshy

    [GUIDE] How to build your own decent PBN in less than one hour! For newbies! [HOLY COW!]

    Save Tons of Money you would Spend on Fiverr Services! I will share a simple and working method on building your own small PBN. Recently i shared something "bad" and people started to blame me that i shared that just to ruin their business and i really had zero intention of doing that at the...
  3. kn1ves

    [Guide] Analyze Your SEO Competition Without Spending A Dollar

    Many people believe that 'Keyword Research' is the most vital part of SEO and I couldn’t agree more. If your keyword research is spot on, half the battle is already won. However, when it comes to doing keyword research people tend to analyze competition only by third-party metrics provided by...
  4. Zwielicht

    [3 Years On BHW] The Only SEO Guide That's Worth Your Time

    SEO is like an enormous clock. It only works if all the little cogs *mesh* together. Now, a clock needs to be clean, well-lubricated, and wound tight. The best clocks have jewel movements, cogs that fit, that cooperate by design. You must be bewildered right now. After all, this is supposed to...
  5. A

    Important SEO method for ranking videos.

    I will make this tutorial quick and to the point. The foundation to getting your video found on google is to make sure that the video file name must be renamed to reflect your keyword phrase for your Youtube video. So when you download your video from your camera to your desktop go to google...
  6. popcorn9257

    SEO Journey - Detailed SEO techniques - Advises are welcome !

    Introduction - I'm new to SEO, although I wrote "detailed seo techniques". Sorry for that. - For me, the word "new" means no practical experience, and it doesn't matter how many books, articles and courses you've read. -I've never done a serious SEO before because I think it is too...
  7. makemecash

    On-Page SEO Optimization/Ranking [Advanced Tutorial]

    I was debating whether to take the time to share this since most people on here I'm sure won't really understand what I'm saying (no offense). We spend a lot of time talking about off-site SEO with backlinks, as well as on-site SEO with keyword dispersion and density along with navigational...
  8. imguy

    Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) With Me

    Thіs FAQ іѕ thе rеsult оf a braіn stоrmіng sessiоn bеtwеen mуѕеlf a соuрle оf othеr BHW SEOs. It'ѕ mу wау оf givіng ѕоmеthіng bасk tо thіs grеаt fоrum аnd sharіng ѕоmе оf thе uѕeful stuff I've learned. P.S: CLICK ON CHAPTER WHICH YOU WANT TO READ...
  9. dikkill

    SEO Help [Newbie]

    Hi there guys, recently i have made an amazon ninche site, but the problem is that i am not getting any traffic.I know i need to do off site SEO but the problem is i don't know.There are alot of thread here yes, but i just don't know where to start.And also the new google penguin had came out...
  10. R

    Looking for Search Marketing EXPO videos

    Hi All, Can anyone please guide me, where I can get "Search marketing Expo: videos or any valuable video tutoring regarding search engine optimization activity? Thanks in Advance. Rajesh
  11. S

    Learn all SEO Trick and Other Webmaster Tutorial In free

    You are thinking that why i am giving you this tutorial but i want to clear you that this site is developed by me and it has very unique tutorial of SEO and Other Webmaster thing If you want then PM Me hxxp:// replace xx by tt