seo & google update

  1. AmeliaLily

    How do you do ALT text for SEO?

    How do you do ALT text for SEO?
  2. Promiseol

    Help needed urgently to get google to index my new website

    Please guys how I get my site index by google I have been trying, but to fail attempt!! My site is hosted in blogger And I have added my sitemap I don't know what else google need Please help me guys
  3. AmeliaLily

    Which SEO plugin is best for WordPress?

    Does WordPress need an SEO plugin? Which SEO plugin is best for WordPress?
  4. F

    Core Web Vitals issues even though Mobile Score is around 95-100 and Desktop score 100

    Hi All, Looking to get some advice hopefully someone on here knows how to resolve these issue. when i check my sisters site against google's website speed test i get the below results ( screenshots ) but for some reason when i go into google webmasters tool its failing still. not sure if...
  5. predator1988@

    SEO help for pages?

    Hello I have 1-year-old website with 10K pages. Around 300 referring domains all contextual, good diversity etc. I am in the top 10 for the main keywords but my pages are not ranking very well. They stuck from 20-40 positions. Any advice?
  6. James371

    Suddenly My Website is Disappeared From google

    My all articles are ranked in google ( in 1st and 2nd position) and Suddenly next morning my all articles get vanished from google. I checked all things in GSC but nothing happened in violation.
  7. Isuamfon

    I lost Rankings to low sites with Zero DA - HELP!

    Hi, great people. I just wanna know if Google ranking factors have changed because I've lost my site to 2 low blogs with low backlinks and domain authority If fact, the first one does it have up to 4 DA, and the second has 0 DR and all less than 3 DRs. But my page has more than 13 DR and 13...
  8. AmeliaLily

    What are the best ways to get website clicks?

    any way have to get website click or visitor faster .already i starting SEO but if any other way anyone know please share
  9. T

    Has anyone faced this issue with Google AdSense?

    Hello Everyone, Hope you all are doing great. I have a question regarding google Adsense. Every time during the beginning of the month, my Adsense RPM drops horribly for like 5-6 days. It has been happening for more than a year now. It happens mostly in the 1st week of every month. Does anyone...
  10. vezoneseo

    2k21 Powerful PBN links Quality Content | Build and Boost Your Private Blog Network With Our Service

    2k21 Powerful PBN links Quality Content | Build and Boost Your Private Blog Network With Our Service Order Now Email: [email protected] Skype: vezonseo
  11. Didou

    Is this what December Google Core Update was really about?

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys are fine and banking hard. After spending some time researching what changes I should apply to get my traffic back since I've lost a big portion of it due to the December Google Update, I came across some interesting information & stats. According to many SEO...
  12. A

    Clicks on keyword got decreased instantly.

    Hello Folk, My keyword is ranking on no 3 and it was getting good clicks but all of sudden the clicks got decreases to 20. I want to gain those clicks again please help me in it. What should I do to maximize my clicks and what SEO strategy should I follow?
  13. Fashina Samson

    Time To Quit or Wait

    My site got hit by December update and since then my traffic tanked, it doesn't look like it is going to go up. Things I have done so far Reduced the number ads Fixed broken links and all GSC errors Increased the site speed Disavowed bad backlinks Updated old articles and interlinked orphan...
  14. Didou

    Is it time to build Backlinks?

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys are staying safe and banking hard. So, long story short, I have a one-year-old blog where I've published around 100 articles. Most of the articles target low competition keywords, and therefore most of the articles that are on the first page of google got low-mid...
  15. htoolas

    I need advice about SEO for my new website

    Hey, I hope everyone is doing well. I just create new blog it's targeting Medium competition keywords and I have like 50 post The blog has been running about a month ago. But I'm looking for help to increase my website SEO and And appearing in the first ranks of search engines. Thanks in advance.
  16. Shox99

    SEO - Build privat site Network with only money sites - PBN

    I am working for 6 months active on my SEO with good results and rankings. I just focused to get high-quality links from sites in my niche with traffic and rankings, so I invest in just 2 - 3 links per month but these links are very cost-intensive and high quality. Now I want to build my own...
  17. SERP Buster

    Basic but essential 30 SEO Tips and Tricks to Boost Organic Traffic

    Some basic but essential 30 SEO Tips and Tricks to Boost Organic Traffic 1. Research Relevant Keywords. 2. Spy On Competitors. 3. Use an On-Page SEO Checklist. 4. Create Awesome Content. 5. Build External Backlinks. 6. Leverage Social Media. 7. Connect With Influencers. 8. Add Internal...
  18. Christianabreuh

    I'm making a FREE chrome extension for SEO.

    Hello guys, I have a couple days creating a Chrome extension that could help you to analyze your competitors so quick. I just want to know whats aspects you consider when you analyze your competitors. Sorry for the English is so broken, I know.
  19. S

    Duplicate Content on Subdomain

    Hello Guys, Let me tell my problem. I developed a new website for my agency on a subdomain like: and when I moved the content in the main domain: I forgot to put a noindex on the developing subdomain. Now, my friend Google indexed both verions of the...
  20. nettspring

    Can I outrank social media sites from google's 1st page ?

    These days I am doing keyword research to find good low competition keywords. one thing I notice, There are social media sites like Pinterest, youtube, medium, Twitter on google's 1st page for some keywords. so I heard it is very easy to outrank these social media sites for that keywords and...