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  1. V

    Why Is My Avg Position Drop When My Impressions Increase?

    Hi SEO Folks, I have seen sudden drop in my website avg position on 16 oct 2021 for India location. But my impression goes up. What can the reason for this? How can i justify this? Does anybody else seen this behaviour on 15-16 Oct?
  2. O


    I need an SEO expert that will help me optimise my website
  3. sxopetjs

    Website Ranking Issue

    Hello friends, I need one suggestion from you and also please let me know: is it some SEO issue or not? I am using Digital ocean hosting and managed by a control panel. One of my on-page website, I did a lot of high-quality work compared to my competitors. The keyword I work on is the most...
  4. M

    Website Traffic Problem

    I have one educational news website 6 months old. It is verified at google news & Flipboard. It has accounts on many different social media platforms. And also contains one .gov backlink & DR is 6, DA = 16 & PA = 22. Though I am receiving only 20-30 visitors per day even my contents are...
  5. cubitly

    My Site Ranking On Second Page For My Main KW

    Hello guys my expired domain is ranking on second page for main keyword, Please guide me what should I do now how to build links, and what kind of links should I make where Should I start please help me out. Should I start with social signals? If yes then where to buy them? Thanks!
  6. shipluppc

    What will be SEO checklist for brand new service based website in 2021?

    Hi, I am creating some website for selling my service. My services are 1. Web design and Development- I have created 10 website on this service 2. Backlink Selling- I have created 10 website on this 3. SMM service selling - I have created 10 website on this 4. USA Phone number selling for any...
  7. LatestPhoneZone

    Is there a better way of implementing AMP?

    My Amp page through the amp plugin looks urgly and I don't know much about coding. Is there a better and simple way of implementing amp with just HTML, CSS, or JavaScript codes and get exactly the design as the non amp pages.
  8. Luna0409

    [SOS] ^^ Any helps for SEO introduction and guidelines for a newbie!!! <3

    Hi everyone, Nice to e-meet you guys here! ;):D I just launched a new site for reading light novels online. All basic functions of the website are almost done, and I had several users. As I am a newbie in the marketing and advertising industry, I am learning about SEO. I have read the SEO...
  9. S

    [AMA] Ask Us Anything About SEO

    We have your answers, just ask away! Make sure you ask in pointers 1. XXX 2. YYY 3. ZZZ We will answer everyone!
  10. emma0122

    Future Of SEO

    The other day I was wondering about the future of SEO, I mean every day there is something new be it a new update or a new technique. So I was wondering about the future what next you all think can we encounter? what are the possibilities in this field in future also about the new things that...
  11. Keyrodeo

    Looking to invest $1000+ in SEO to be become Best "Local" X-Service

    Imagine a medium competitive market for a Service. For main keyword~sentences I come up low on the First Page, but not among the first except when the Rich Features (Map listings shows). I've done many backlinks, guest blogs, etc; and even though my service is superior, I don't rank as my...
  12. AmeliaLily

    What digital marketing tools does your business need the most?

    What digital marketing tools does your business need the most?
  13. Z

    Is it wise to do a Press Release on a 4 month old fresh site?

    Hi guys, I'd like to know if I can do a Press Release on a new site. By new site, I don't mean age. The site's age is about 4 months and I haven't done any link building except an FB page, Twitter, Subreddit, and some posts in those. I'm wondering if it will bring any good to the site or...
  14. Faizal Khan

    Stucked on 2nd page for main keywords, help me please.

    Hello Members, I have an Adult site and its been 3 months until now, i am stucked on 2nd page for main keywords, how to rank it on 1st page? Please share your initiative on this, any help would be appreciated! TIA P.S- Uploaded an S.S for better understanding.
  15. AmeliaLily

    Which SEO tool will be tough a competitor of Ahref in 2021?

    Which SEO tool will be tough a competitor of Ahref in 2021?
  16. AmeliaLily

    How do you do ALT text for SEO?

    How do you do ALT text for SEO?
  17. Promiseol

    Help needed urgently to get google to index my new website

    Please guys how I get my site index by google I have been trying, but to fail attempt!! My site is hosted in blogger And I have added my sitemap I don't know what else google need Please help me guys
  18. AmeliaLily

    Which SEO plugin is best for WordPress?

    Does WordPress need an SEO plugin? Which SEO plugin is best for WordPress?
  19. F

    Core Web Vitals issues even though Mobile Score is around 95-100 and Desktop score 100

    Hi All, Looking to get some advice hopefully someone on here knows how to resolve these issue. when i check my sisters site against google's website speed test i get the below results ( screenshots ) but for some reason when i go into google webmasters tool its failing still. not sure if...
  20. predator1988@

    SEO help for pages?

    Hello I have 1-year-old website with 10K pages. Around 300 referring domains all contextual, good diversity etc. I am in the top 10 for the main keywords but my pages are not ranking very well. They stuck from 20-40 positions. Any advice?