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  1. M

    Want to buy an aged domain with a perfect reputation.

    Hello! I want to buy an aged domain that got a lot of traffic from Facebook and thus has a good domain reputation on Facebook. The content on the domain is not really relevant to me, as long as it is white hat. It could e.g. be an old blog, a Shopify webshop, etc. If you have a suiting...
  2. anishpdsah1

    [NEW] Topic Research & Making SEO Blog Posts: Get 110% More Traffic Today!

    Hey BHW Folks, Before proceeding, I would like to stop by wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017! I wish all of you create records that none other than yourself can beat it. :D After my post on BHW about "A Blue Print to Building Niche Blog that Makes $500/month"...
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