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  1. organicpanel

    ✨Resell Now✨ Make Money & Turn ANY Tech/SEO Blog to a SEO & SMM Agency! ($50) ✅Get 30+ SEO/SMM Services Added ✅$75 Credit to Our...

    If you ever wanted to start your reselling journey, you are on the right place! You couldn't pick a reliable provider that completes services in a timely manner? Looking for a provider with decent prices? This is your chance, act now! This is a turnkey and quick solution if you want to become...
  2. simplify

    Niche blogging, if you are just starting out

    Nowadays running a blog is not only about hobby but an opportunity to build a profitable business that keeps a decent cash flow. Blogging isn’t about growing content only. If you are just starting out, you have to find a niche that you know stuff about. But this is easier said than done. Over...
  3. marrrko

    ❇️⭐ SEO Agency ⭐❇️ [RELOADED 2021] SUPREME RANKINGS SINCE 2009 - ⭐FREE Website Audit And Analysis!⭐

    -- ||||| 14 YEARS IN THE SEO INDUSTRY ||||| -- >>> Proudly Providing SEO SERVICES Since 2009 On BHW <<< More Than 10.000 HAPPY AND SATISFIED Clients and Counting… ~~~ Optimized SEO Packages For 2021 ~~~ With our help, you will save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of...
  4. PROJECT21

    I got some offers from different SEO Agencies to rank on google... What should I do?

    I have a local craft company in germany. On the screenshot you can see a simple keyword statistic for my main keyword (Branch + City) I have some offers from diffrent SEO agencies who claim the exact opposite. As example one agency is full into content they want 250€ a Month to wirte blog...
  5. imonboss

    How Do You Get Local SEO Client? Freelancer or Agency?

    First of All, Yes, I would like to know how you get them. If it is the exact Strategy, GREAT! If You are not willing to reveal, totally understand it. It's just that random email outreach simply does not work (tried it already). I am wanting to grab lead via social media ads but really have 0...
  6. T

    Something to ponder about...

    Found this off an fb group and thought sharing Given what's going on in the world with the coronavirus situation, conferences and events being cancelled, less travel, the risk of mandatory self-quarantines, etc., I've heard from several SEOs and agencies that their clients are pulling back or...
  7. jefis

    The Next Chapter in our SEO Life - An Office with Employees

    Long story short: I'm in the IM game for ~10 years. The last 3 of them have been really good financially. About two years ago, thanks to BHW I met and have become friends with @Jeepy in real life. Over the last two years, we've talked much and met IRL several times. We joined our forces and...
  8. T

    Top U.S. SEO Companies Based on SERPs Dominance Identified From 35 Million Search Results

    Thousands of SEO agencies in the United States are vying for the top rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Where does your business fit in the online realm? A study by Radu Plugaru, CEO and founder of Romania-based, explored how U.S. websites ranked for eight SEO-related...
  9. Lukadruy

    [Journey] My Journey To Digital Marketing Agency to $5000 monthly income

    Hi Blackhatworld, this will be the first journey I will be sharing with you guys and hoping it will be a useful resource for the community as this community has taught me many things. I am a college student studying Computer Science. I am 21 years old Firstly I would like to start as I have...
  10. PopularPlayer

    WhiteHat SEO Agency/Freelancer

    Hi, I am searching for an SEO Freelancer or Agency taking care of a couple of sites in various niches for me and doing monthly SEO work. The monthly budget is around $2-3k + possible extra costs. I am looking for slow growth and no blackhat tactics - I am okay with slow but steady results...
  11. zhantop

    Case Study Update in 2019 & Seeking Advice

    Hey folks, Long time BHW user, quite behind the scenes kind of guy. Some of you may have seen my old post about affiliate sites here: I'm not the kind of person who tends to be extroverted on BHW - I watch...
  12. cyberjix

    PBN — Ranking Case Study!

    I am not gonna be sharing any personal stuff, but I will show you guys the power of a good PBN. PBNs are still one of the most powerful and quick ranking strategies for any keyword you're after, but the problem many people have is that they buy shitty PBN links. The best way to operate with...
  13. MrValdemar

    FAO SEO agency guys: how do you retain your clients once you ranked them?

    So lets say you've ranked them in the first 2 months, and you did it without links because that particular niche you were trying to rank for didn't even need links, but simply on page improvements and a few technical fixes. The client is happy but already achieved what he intended, why should...
  14. mzonas

    Gadget repair SEO agency

    Hi all, My other journey is still on. This journey is going to bring me in some extra cash ... or waste my time completely. I have no idea. Basically, Google banned ads that target gadget repair services that contain brand keywords. For example iPhone repair Leeds is no longer showing paid ads...
  15. KinkyGuy

    SEO Agency

    How do I start and maintain an SEO agency and getting first class clients? Advice seriously needed from everyone.
  16. Anna Gray

    Google Algorithm Update

    Did Google updated its algorithm recently????
  17. S

    Hello to Everyone. Newbie for BHW?

    A Big Hello to BHW members, Recently i was searching forum site and i found, i visit this site and read forums related to my work. BHW is the best forum site i have ever seen. this site is very useful.
  18. mrjohnny33

    [JOURNEY] SEO Expert and pursuit of happiness

    Hi everybody, First of all, I personally want to thank everyone for making this forum a great one. It's one of the best resources on the web for everything about online marketing and money making. I am from Romania, 23 years old. I started my online journey when I was 9 years old, creating my...
  19. ninja21

    .IO for SEO Agency?

    Hi, What do you think of .io domain for an SEO Agency company? Domain name is premium, .com/.org/.net all taken. .io is popular among startups and tech. Can I go with SEO Agency? Do you think it will affect conversions?
  20. FBM

    Client Question: How can we measure success?

    Hey guys, Hope you are all well and killing it? As the title says, I have a potential SEO client that I am very close to closing but they asked “How can we measure success?” and for some reason I am struggling with the answer. This question also obviously translates to “this is what we expect...