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  1. S

    Thousands of Amateur porn videos need to be monetized

    Hi everyone, I have a tube porn site and the majority of my videos are amateur real videos but I'm facing an issue. I have thousands of short videos ( a minute and less) and I don't see it a good user experience if visited my site to open each one for few seconds. So I was looking for a way to...
  2. GodKarma

    Hi everyone, newbie looking for SEO services

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. Here to learn much about SEO . I'm looking to develop my business and have better SEO results on my website. Hopping to get the help I need.
  3. xelex

    On-page SEO for an adult search engine type site (containing content from other sites)

    Hello guys, I have created, what I think is a really really nice Web App type site for adult content. It's on the same sort of lines as the big fuq(dot)com and pornmd(dot)com, except it's a step above them in terms of functionality and UI. All of the content is not hosted on my end and is...
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