1. seo team

    My SEO agency, my skills + your hot leads

    Hey everyone, I am the owner of the SEO agency that's already making around 37k per month, we are mostly doing off page seo/link-building. I am looking to expand, and as I don't have that much time, I need to partner up with someone. I need someone who is good in finding hot leads, I will...
  2. seo team


    Hey everyone, It's so nice to be part of this community I want to share some of my most successful projects over the years. For one client, I managed his entire link-building campaign, a highly competitive niche. After 4 years and around 2k backlinks that website now pulls in 2.7M of monthly...
  3. S

    Where to find cheap backlinks in the gaming industry? The website should have high domain authority, big traffic.

    Cheap backlinks are needed!
  4. Arslan Khaliq

    How to find high quality backlinks?

    How to find high quality back links? – Authority: The back-link should be from a website that is seen as an authority in your industry. This could be a well-known blog or media outlet. – Trustworthiness: The back-link should be from a website that is trustworthy and has a good reputation. –...
  5. C

    A Website is Using Similar Domain and Suspected to Have Subotaged My Original Website SEO Ranking.

    I am not sure if where should i put this threat in, admins please let me know if I have posted in the wrong forum list. I just discovered that a website (mydomain.net) attempting to counterfeit my website (mydomain.com). They are using .net rather than .com And we found out when I search...
  6. ciphercipher1

    How would you invest 4-5k of your local currency?

    Lets maje a thread and everyone gives their own idea on how they would invest 4-5k. Please dont post boring ideas like put them in SP500. For me a good investment would be YT automation and auto blogging.
  7. R

    Ezoic Tag Tester

    Hi everyone, just wanted to share this article about how to improve your SEO, I've always had trouble understanding this but this article really helped me learn more about it https://www.ezoic.com/ezoic-tag-tester-tool-helps-publishers-with-seo/
  8. alex_web

    What are the Google ranking factors?

    google ranking factors - Google uses over 200 ranking factors in its algorithm. All factors can be divided into the following sections: Domain Factors Page-Level Factors Site-Level Factors Backlink Factors User Interaction Special Google Algorithm Rules Brand Signals On-Site Webspam Factors...
  9. Cing


    Hi, i want to ask question about adwords, im still learning in this type. So firstly i already read many thread about adwords and almost all talk about cloaking and something like that. What i need to do to get my ads approved if my before account was suspended? because when i make new one its...
  10. H


  11. M.Irtaza

    High Authority Niche Relevant Blog Comment Backlinks 100% Manual Starting From $7

    High Authority Niche Relevant Blog Comment Backlinks 100% Manual Email: [email protected] Skype: live:.cid.37407aed1b359637
  12. H

    What does SEO Look Like In 2022 ?

    What does SEO Look Like In 2022 ?
  13. I am Ak

    Redirect url

    Hello BHW. Can any buddy guide me What is redirect url? In world of seo redirect url called as backlink? Can we use redirect URL in SEO? What is diff Between redirect URL & Backlinks? Or is it safe for any website. Thanks
  14. S

    Hello BHW

    I am new to the community. I have 2 years of experience in Seo and currently working as Seo executive in a company. I have good knowledge of Seo, ppc, social media. I am here learn new skills and help each other to grow.
  15. nichexposure

    What Else To Do for Reporting Purpose?

    Hello Everyone, I got a project a year ago. The project was for a non-English site, so a little bit difficult for me. But the client works side by side with me, which helps and saves a ton of my time. As it was a non-English website, I have limited opportunities to work on both content and...
  16. bloggerzone02

    Personal Brand is everything!

    As title says, Personal Brand is everything! Yes, you heard it right. :) Some of you might not know what does mean Personal Brand? I would say personal Brand means what people talk about you and how they see you in terms of Quality, consistency, and reliability. A personal brand to let...
  17. L1ckMyDorr1to

    How do I sell SEO articles on an established site without getting penalty from or hurting my domain ranking ?

    Hi all ! In an earlier post i shared with you all that I have a large, authoritative forum website in my country. it gets around 40K page views per day, and the topics are very broad. Someone inquired me about buying about 30 SEO articles with do follow link from me to their client site (they...
  18. L1ckMyDorr1to

    How would you monetize a 40k users per day Forum?

    I have recently acquired an authority blog with high DA (76). The thing is, it is currently losing money and I don't know what should I do next.. The forum is very old, and an Iconic website in my country. I have tried google ads (Which is not safe because the site can get a google penalty at...
  19. benj_pirate

    Looking for someone to help me to reach number 1 on google

    Dear BHW white hat SEOs. I’m looking for someone motivated to work as white as possible and as smart as possible to rank (and then maintain) one page of my site, number 1 in google desktop, and mobile in the US and UK. The 2 main medium tail kw are the following: X and Y (3 words long) (dm for...
  20. Amayaan


    Hi. I am a freelancer. I have good experience in digital marketing., This is a good platform to discuss about SEO. Thank you black hat world for creating this great platform.