1. D

    [DETAILED JOURNEY] SMS Sending + Lead Generation

    Greetings dear members of BlackHatWorld, this is my Journy thread on the topic "SMS Sending". In the following lines I'm going to list my expenses, average cost of sending, plans of monetization and much more.. It might be a long read for some as I tried to go as in-depth as possible. If there...
  2. D

    [WTH] Web Dev - Little WhatsApp Bot

    Searching a Developer for a WhatsApp Bot. Pretty simple work and not any complex software. It's not something like WhatSender, Twilio, etc. - No usage of the WhatsApp API! It needs to be via the Web version. - The users will "activate" the bot by sending a specific keyword. (The bot is able to...
  3. blockhetwarld

    inboxing 20k emails

    currently have a working SMTP and trying to warmup my domain, but it's a complicated process so I'd rather get a warmed up domain to do it myself. I can also work with someone who will warmup my domain for sending, since my SMTP's IPs are already warmed up. I will need to inbox 20k no matter...
  4. A

    EmailDataPro - Email Databases, Business Emails, Consumer Emails, Targeted Emails, Email Sending – The #1 Trusted Business List & Email List Supplier We offer numerous business email / consumer email / targeted email lists that can help you expand your company. At Email Data Pro, we work hard to provide only the top quality information and that is why our business email /...
  5. B

    Sending Mass Mailers Using Office 365

    Hello please guys if anyone knows any informations about how to send mass mails using Office 365 and how and what do i need
  6. B

    What Are the Best Email Marketing Services WITHOUT Monthly Fees ?

    I send 2 newsletters each month. AWeber is costing me too much because of my list size. I'm looking to reduce my email marketing costs, so your help is welcomed. Could you advice me some email marketing providers ? I don't want to pay for my list size.. ONLY when I send.
  7. R

    Interspire Email Marketer & Multithread Problem! Solution?

    I have Intersipre Email Marketer and due to it's sending speed problem, I need Multithread Addon so I have all files of addon but addon needs to be nulled? Can Anyone do that? In the license file server have restriction of the developer website and I think it have some code also! Developer...
  8. M

    Safely transfer money to main PayPal?

    I have a bunch of PayPal accounts that I am using to accept payments for on eBay/ my website. I also have one that is fully verified that I am planning to send all the funds to from my other stealth PayPals for withdrawal. Is this a good method? I'm just getting into it. I'm using different...
  9. L

    gmail sending limit decreasing daily!?!?!?

    I need to send out massive emails daily (no not spam) and everyday gmail keeps decreasing my sending limit. Yesterday I could only send about 330. Today, just over 200 only!? How can I increase this limit to 500 back again?
  10. L

    How to get by gmail's 500 email/ day sending limit?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to send 500+ emails a day with gmail using 1 ip address. If anyone knows, that would be awesome!
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