sending money


    Need suggestions. please help.

    Hello all bhw beautiful souls. i am facing problems in sending money to Philippines from India. My only option is paypal and skrill for now but everytime i need to send someone money i ask them to create an account on PayPal or skrill. i can't use bank wire nor western union or money gram...
  2. Loadzz

    Make a payment without sending personal info

    Hello, I need to make an online payment, but I don't want the receiver to know my personal information (name, address etc.) How do you go about this? Fake PayPal linked to a real card? Thanks,
  3. RedXGamer

    Sending Money Abroad.

    Hey there, First of all i apologize if i am putting this query in wrong thread. Now, Is there any other way to send money abroad like in USA or Europe with good conversion rate and minimal fees? I am From India btw.