1. K

    Keto weight loss offer?

    We need a CPA offer like this urgently. We send up to 100-200K SMS per day. Please contact me. Thank you!
  2. K

    Do you have US opt-in mobile numbers?

    I was just wondering if anyone here has access to those. We could try monetizing them together since me and my team send SMS for practically zero cost. We're currently getting thousands of clicks on non opt-ins, so with opt-ins it would be even crazier. Thanks
  3. Med Faker

    How to send bulk messages through facebook

    Which bot do you guys recemmend for sending bulk messages to all facebook friends?
  4. Stkr Dngr

    VPS to send unlimited emails

    What requirements are needed for the above mentioned VPS with such functionality? At least 1500 mails a day. Who can give me that kind of VPS? "Mod: is there a way to make this topic completely hidden from the world?"
  5. M

    Need BULK Email Sender

    Hey, I have an emaillist (600k) and I need someone who can send me the emails to them, There is NO LINK in the mail! Of course, the emails should go to inbox, not to spam folder, therefor we should work with spinner texts. If interested, tell me your price per 1k sent emails. Skype...
  6. D

    bulk email sender problems

    Hello guys , i have installed (phplist) on my vps , but the problem is, i can't send emails to ( , it works just with ( i dont know what is the problem ??!, - second question what is the role of SMTP and is IT** nessecary** for phplist to work ? and how many message i...
  7. G

    Dark Mailer

    Hi guys, wonder anyone uses this? Please give your comment. Pros and Cons Thank you
  8. S

    [HELP] Mail Sender software needed

    Hello community, I spent whole day downloading many softwares for sending mails (torrents,warez) and had ton of troubles with serial codes,license keys,viruses etc and on the end I got nothing.Don't have money to invest in some of those,they are way too expensive. So please,if anyone has...
  9. S

    WTB Youtube mass message sender bot

    Hi, I have been looking and I cant find any working Youtube mass message sender bot, also known as video sharing with a message. Does anyone have or code this bot? I want to buy it. Thanks
  10. K

    easy money- need 36,000 emails inboxed.

    So, here's an easy money project for someone. I need 36,000 to 50,000 emails inboxed this week. I provide the list. I'll need the replies to all go back to one email that I can check. I don't know what the going rate is so I'll take the lowest bidder. I would prefer a report on the open...
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