seller accounts

  1. PrOxycontin

    Adopting Product or Service Description Criteria

    This suggestion is for the Proxy sub-category of the Marketplace section of the forum. It would be universally beneficial to establish a guideline for service providers, and vendors selling their wares in this area. Having a clear, and concise minimum expectation for explanation of their...
  2. B

    WTB Aged Amazon Seller Accounts

    Looking to buy aged Amazon seller accounts ASAP. If anyone has any available please let me know. Pm me with the price
  3. B

    Huge dropshipping project. Sellers and suppliers needed.

    Hey all BHW dropshippers! I have this huge project I want to start working on. Looking for long term clients. Sellers and suppliers needed. I will explain all on this thread, and if any questions please pm me. So I have 2 postings on here. Maybe 3, not sure so sorry for one more. The reason of...
  4. T

    Ebay Listers

    Hi i am in search of some people that can list auctions on their ebay for me. I will pay all fees and a % of the profits. Please PM if you are interested. Thank you
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