1. Hi142

    How do I get traffic to my youtube channel? What are some tips/tactics?

    I recently uploaded my first video on youtube. It's pretty well edited, the title seems attractive, and the thumbnail is also nice and attractive. This is my opinion but it may differ from other people's opinion. The problem is, I haven't been getting views. Now I know this is my first video. So...
  2. chaabanov

    On Self-Respect by Joan Didion: Priceless Knowledge

    Hello guys. I thought I'd take a moment from IM to share something beautiful I read. It's an article written by Joan Didion (probably in 1967) about self-respect, something worth more to many of us than money. I think the article is priceless. You can read it here...
  3. S

    Great New Product to Make Huge Sales in a Killer Niche

    I created an ebook and self-hypnosis audio system that can help people unlock their hidden potential. The great thing about it is that I just debuted it and I am making sales with very little promotion. (It is basically selling off of word of mouth through my own friends on social media...
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