search queries

  1. S

    create pages for similar search query variations (single, plural & word order)?

    Hi would you recommend creating a page for these similar search query variations? For example - website. com/baby-toy-car website. com/baby-toy-cars website. com/baby-car-toys website. com/toy-cars-for-baby website. com/toy-cars-for-babies website. com/bab-toy-car I think by having these...
  2. kurosaki4d

    How can i increase the number of results in Google search results ?

    Hello, I've been collecting some data from Google for a while now, however i noticed that there is a certain limit with the search results. I tried increasing it from the Search settings and it did, but it's still not enough ! I was hoping if any of you can point out to me a way to increase...
  3. V

    Know, go, do, buy? - Impact of website type for rankings

    Hey there, I´m reading the forum for a long time and now I decided to join and discus the following topic with the community. Google uses the following 4 main Types of search queries: - go - navigational - know - informational - do - transactional - buy - transactional for people who like to...
  4. L

    How to harvest actual search queries?

    Hello! So HOW do you harvest those search queries (not just single keywords, but complete searches) typed in search engines, like google? Ive got an example, so see this link -- -- The content is entirely of of people's search queries, not just random...
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