script request

  1. mystery

    Anti iFrame Breaker Script - Anyone?

    Hey, does anyone know of a good anti-iframe breaker script?
  2. R

    Adult Video Chat Script

    Hi, I am looking for Adult Video Chat Script. I found sites with scripts like: videochatscript and payperviewvideosoftware But I dont know how much I can trust those sites and scripts. Does anybody have some experience setting up Adult Video Chat? What script or service you...
  3. E

    Scrape Football Injury Report

    I need to hire someone to write a script that will pull information on injuries in N*F*L* . The information is available online on several websites I just need it to post into my site daily. I have come up with something using yahoo pipes but I got stuck extracting the correct content. Let me...
  4. M

    Any programmers with Clickbank API/scrapper knowledge?

    I'm looking to have a script produced that will scrape the clickbank marketplace and locate vendor sites that have opt-in forms on the main page. Ideally this script would also be able to detect opt-in forms on pages that pop up after the main page is closed. (You know, the pages that say "Wait...
  5. M

    need Somone good at scripting for twitter

    i was wondering if there are any talented script writers out there that wouldn't mind writing a script for me ok i need a script that can list a twitter user on twitter multiple time each time under a different list name it would also be nice if you could also include the ability of uploading a...
  6. ch8878

    Whats a good script for grabbing emails and knows who to ban and who too pay ?

    I want to start a $.50 - $1.00 per survey site is there a script that shows you who to ban, who to pay, how much too pay that works with CPA Lead and other companies ??
  7. Ramsweb

    Questions about Exit Splash

    Hi there all Is anyone out here using exit splash? Do you see any conversions from the redirected traffic? Also, will installing this script on your web page affect your SERP ranking? I have heard that any sort of script that does not allow the user to leave a web page is usually frowned upon...
  8. jetiz

    [HELP] i want a clone of or

    I am working on a matrimonial site for a small community and i am looking for a good clone of or Same functionalities and searching features. Two kinds of membership one is premium and the other one is basic which is free have to be there. I am not getting any good free...
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