1. Mike George

    [Screenshot] Website Design Tools?

    Hi, The graphics when building a website is the hardest part for me. Can you recommend any tools that allow you to create simple or even interactive screenshots? I want to showcase my software with some good looking but simple screenshots animated if possible. I see so many sites right now...
  2. D

    [Snapchat] Screenshot snaps without opposite noticing it

    I've tested this on Android, i don't know if it works on IOS. 1. Open the snap 2. Open task manager & position Snapchat so that the snap is visible 3. Take a screenshot 4. Go back to Snapchat/close it
  3. R

    Need photos of touchscreen phones with IMEI Number for a project

    Hi, I need 200 photos of touchscreen phones with undamaged/uncracked screens. The screen of the phone should contain the IMEI number (press "*#06#" in your phone dialer to open the IMEI screen). The phones should be upright in the photos. Look at a couple of sample images below (note that the...
  4. NewbieMango

    How to make money with a screenshot/meme Facebook page?

    I started a Facebook page a couple of days ago after my friends advised me to do so since what I post on my private profile gets a lot of attention(likes/shares). I have a giant folder with memes and funny screenshots taken from all over the internet from sites like reddit and tumbler. now how...
  5. TWdesigns69

    Hiring - Screenshot some Images with Text

    Hi, What you need to do- 1. Open and play an online game (Links I'll send) for a few seconds 2. Screenshot the gameplay 3. Add Title of the Game to the image. Its best if you have a screenshot tool that allows editing after screenshotting like Nimbus or something similar. Pay is 0.10$ per...
  6. Antheaw

    ASO Basic Tutorial Series II: Icon Optimization

    In the last series, we have talked about keywords and description. And in this chapter, the main topic is icon. If the users with potential demands for your app have seen your app, the role of icon becomes greatly important. (See more tips here ) Icon When users find your app on App Store...
  7. terrycody is down here, anyone there?!

    Just as that, is down on my side, I want to make sure not only me got doomed happy earily christmas guys!
  8. D

    Made my first sale

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd post this here as it may serve as a form of motivation to some people: Hopefully it's one of many more to come :P Thanks to everyone here on BHW for building this great community and sharing so much valuable knowledge.
  9. L

    Need a Faked Screenshot of Analytics/$100

    I need a screenshot of some analytics for a site. It is a hoax/joke but we want it to look as realistic as possible. Needs to look like it came from google analytics, awstats, get clicky - something people would know. Quick turnaround. Can pay $100.
  10. ShabbySquire

    How to screen capture a YT video?

    I'm trying to grab some images off certain YT videos, but have hit a brick wall. When I do a screen capture via a FF addon, all you get is a black void where the video is supposed to be. I could download the video and use Frapps on my pc, but it's a waste of bandwidth & hassle. Any ideas?
  11. J

    IMDB Movie Info and Screenshots

    is it okay for us to copying the movie info and screenshots from IMDB, because some people said that we have to pay for those things...while some people said that it's free and "copy-friendly"...which one is true?
  12. emggot

    Need some a newbie

    Hi. So I don't know if this is an appropriate place for such thread, but... To get accepted I need 'screenshots of traffic statistics, etc.' and I don't have any. Maybe some one could help with a traffic and earnings screenshot? $100-$200 / month would be great. Help a newbie to get...
  13. monkey

    Screenshot + edit + upload tool

    Hey guys, heres a tool (if you're not using it already) that allows you to capture your screen(hotkey), edit it and upload to multiple image hosting site in less than 30secs.(very ram friendly) you can even upload different files types(.mp3, .pdf) by right clicking on the file itself...
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