1. Kierkegaard

    SAAS Project - My journey to create a scrapping web extension that fits all your needs

    Hello everyone ! If I am publishing this message today it is because I am starting a new adventure. In fact, I have been looking for a long time to set up a new SAAS project. I, french developer, am used to task automation robots, particularly in Python (Instagram robot, Facebook, Marketplace...
  2. hustler0395

    suggestions for nice webscrapping software,website

    my question is suggest nice scrapping idea that u'd like to see irl like a software you always wished it existed on any niche (social media,websites,crypto,reral estate ....) also thank you bhw community
  3. gatacca

    Anyone knows a tool to scrap people talking a telegram group ?

    Hi everyone, A group I wanted to scrap just got his members hidden, so wanted to scrap the users talking. Anyone knows a tool that can do that ? Or someone knows a VA that can do this ? Cheers,
  4. SMMTribe

    My SMM Panel + Your Scrapping

    So i have a great idea to basically increase sales, and no other panels are doing it. This could be a huge game changer, and if you team up with me. We'll both make money. If you have a scrapping service & email sender. We can definitely come in with huge amount of traffic. This involves...
  5. SMMTribe

    HAF - Coder (Scrapping Hashtags and profiles)

    HI there, I am looking to get a bot that scrape emails from instagram accounts and other social medias. This will be used for personal, and not for reselling. Let me know.
  6. rahuldhawan

    Full Stack Developer - Rahul ( Intro )

    Hello, I’m a Top Rated, Full Stack Developer with 12+ years of experience in PHP / Laravel / Wordpress development. I have extensive experience in Custom Modules and i can handle Laravel with Vue JS too. I am expert in handling LAMP/LEMP, CentOS/Ubuntu/Debian, cPanel/WHM, High Availability...
  7. P

    Zillow / PerimeterX Scrapping Consultant

    Hi all, I built out a scrapper to get home information using Python/Scrapy and residential rotating proxies. PerimeterX is the anti-bot service used by Zillow. I need a work around that is not crazy expensive. I can pay $50/mo for proxies. Will pay a "consulting fee"/"success fee". Thanks!
  8. b_hatW

    Python script for Data Extraction [1 hour task]

    Python script for Data Extraction [1-hour task] PM me for details, I need it done today. Let me know your price, the lowest price and the highest quality will be going to get the task.
  9. mainceaft

    Simple question how these scame websites rankes so well in SERP

    Hi, I notice the issue of these scamming websites since years now, e.g. first they were appeared to me in .ir multiple domains later on .ru an lastly .it an .pl , in fact some of them ranking very well in SERP specially on my region/language. I want to ask what SEO strategy they use with their...
  10. alexio

    Scraping twitter

    Hello, I need to javascript code to execute in chrome to get some data when I'm in the twitter interface (not the API) I need scraping code (because I can't get this data via API) The data to extract is super simple, it's the username of the profile. PM if you can do this snippet (in js, no...
  11. Nessuno

    Linkedin + FB Scrapping

    Hi, I need someone who can scrape information about followers of LinkedIn profiles and Facebook profiles. Let me know if you can help with this. Thanks
  12. Nessuno

    Instagram Scrapping

    I have a list of 3 users I want to scrape all of their followings with specific informations. I know there are plenty of programs/software out there but I want a freelancer to do that for me cause I don't want to go through the headache. If you can help, let me know
  13. Elvlin

    any good tools for scrapping telegram group

    will be nice to get their email and phone number. having capabilites to sent spin text on chat is a plus
  14. C

    How can I scrap emails from membership sites?

    Hey, I was wondering if it's possible to scrap/extract emails from membership sites. So basically people that created an easy email/password account for a specific site? If yes, how is that possible?
  15. T

    How I can monetize my programming skills (bots/scrapers)?

    Hello! I am new here and I would like to get some advices, how I can monetize my programming skills. A'm already have permanent work, where I earn money, but there are a lot of routine. And in free time I write most bots and scrappers on php (I feel really pleasure to write something like that)...
  16. crazy.ass.mofo

    Scraping FB Group Members

    I need to scrape some large FB groups- I am hoping extract any FB pages/websites linked to by members of these groups. For example Frank Wank from London, he runs a local chocolate factory and has a link to it's FB page on his profile, he also has a link to the chocolate factory website on his...
  17. D

    Facebook Account Scrapping Required

    I need someone to scrape 4 FB accounts for username and emails.
  18. eaglesWTF

    [WTH] Data scrapping from google task

    Hello, I need freelancer to scrape big amount of data/links from google using your own tools and methods. Experience doing similar tasks is required. Contact me here on PM or telegram : norkodeo or skype : norkodeo
  19. G

    (ask) Can you help me value my apps?

    i've created an android apps it is memes apps network and already published on play store that apps just contain memes and will update every day.. (automatic scrappring from other site for this memes) i have 2 main income for my apps - google ads - subscription $1 / month do you think is it...
  20. eaglesWTF

    [WTH] Custom scrapping tasks

    Hello, looking someone experienced in scrapping content/links from different custom sources. I'll provide sources and all info required. Please contact me on s..kyp,e - norkodeo or Telegram : norkodeo or here direct on PM.
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