scraping tool

  1. Panther28

    Scrape websites legally all for the benefit of commercial desires, journalists, and researchers!

    Just reading about this recent court case. Just sums it up when the people at the EFF say "good news for all those who collect, aggregate, and index publicly available information" :) We'll...
  2. Codenpy

    Amazon Products Scraper - Web Tool

    Hi there, I just build Amazon Product Scraper tool where you can get up to 500 products based on any keyword. Features: Get products using keyword Reviews for each product Product Images Product single details Different country You can use this tool here...
  3. kamilzych

    How to find new accounts to scrap followers from?

    Hello, Im looking for ideas on how to search for new users with nice accounts. Im using a bot and I need new users to scrap followers from them. My actual method is just to look for them on instagram and using "similar users" but its very time consuming. Maybe you have some kind of tool or site...
  4. O


    Is anyone aware of an effective scrape tool to scrape telegram and/or discord groups for emails? I have yet to find one that works well.
  5. alexio

    Twitter extract bio

    Hello, I want to know if there is a tool/bot/app to download the bio of users (including the website of the users) ? thanks
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