scraping information

  1. lubzie

    Scraping similarweb

    Need someone to collect a large amount of website data from similarweb. Over 200k urls.
  2. X-R0

    Scraping Help Center articles

    I was thinking about listing all Facebook Help-Center articles in an Excel file too built my own little Library and I'm curious what would be the best way to scrape those articles I would appreciate every advice from experienced web scrapers Cheers
  3. F

    Hire you to do scraping - Scrape emails and phone numbers from private job board membership sites?

    Hello, I want to scrape emails, phone numbers, and contact information from 2 different job sites I want data separated into 2 buckets- companies that are hiring and people that are looking for work Below are the 2 websites. Both sites you can access some data from a public view For more...
  4. A

    need phone book extractor

    i need a phone extractor data for proprietaire individual houses from blank page like full name, date of birth, street address i will upload an example for that data think you so much
  5. InnovativeSEO

    Court Rules: Accessing Public Information is NOT a Computer Crime

    Good news for anyone who uses the Internet as a source of information: A district court in Washington, D.C. has ruled that using automated tools to access publicly available information on the open web is not a computer crime—even when a website bans automated access in its terms of service...
  6. H

    Movie/Shows Indexer(Scraper): Copyright/hosting/staying anon possible?

    Hello, Before anything else I will say a big sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, this is my first ever interaction on this site and I apologize if it is a "no-no". So yes, I have a site, it's almost finished, I built it with php and python and the remote db already is packed with...
  7. Mark Eternally

    Recommend Creation of Scraping Forum within BHW

    First, if such a forum already exists, it needs better marketing efforts behind it because I could not find it. Second, as I am dubious that such a forum already exists, I recommend the creation of a SCRAPING Forum within Black Hat World. I do not know the proper protocol for such...
  8. N

    Are recaptchas shown for VPNs due to the popularity of the VPN IP being blacklisted?

    I've noticed in browsing I am seeing a lot of recaptchas and websites that won't load when I'm on my VPN. This is a popular VPN, so am I being shown recaptchas/blocks because the ip is blacklisted from too many people using it or is it only because I'm using a VPN at all?
  9. N

    Seeking freelancer with experience in creating a long-term web scraping solution

    The scraper software needs to be reliable and perhaps with the use of proxies to access certain websites every 30 seconds and will not be blocked. Please contact me if you have experience with this, I'd rather not use a tool but a bespoke solution but am open to suggestions.
  10. N

    Inquiry about software/API/Bot

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post here, I am having trouble in finding software, thought you guys might be helpful for me . I'm looking for software that could collect (Business Name,Address, Phone# & Email) from the web url that i add. . so i'm having bunch of urls and i wanna have...
  11. A


    Hi guys, I'm looking for a scraping expert that can scrape soundcloud for email contacts. I would be looking for the artists email in column - name in the second column - maybe number of followers if possible but not neccessary. Let me know if any of you guys could do something like this...
  12. G

    What's the fastest way to scrape a lot of pages?

    What's the fastest way to scrape a lot of pages? 1.PHP? 2.PHYTHON? 3.PERL Etc.........
  13. S

    Help or Suggest me a problem resolver- Website Scraper

    Hello Bhw! I want your help or a suggestion about a php script or something. I want to know if there is on web a software or a php script that will do this. 1. Somewhere i put a link to a website and that script will scrape all the data from him and export it to a xml or a csv file [ o will put...
  14. C

    [HIRING] Website Scraper

    I need 50k leads or the entire content for a specific website (to be discussed in pm). Leads must have Name/Address/Contact Number/Website
  15. M

    [Giveaway] Scraping Service (Lead providing)

    Hi guys, this is my 15th post and as a celebration to that (I think i can now PM, which is a bid deal for me) i decided to give back to the community. - Here's what I've got for you: I'll research Yellow Pages for leads in whatever "subject/business/niche" you want in US. This offer is...
  16. MidKnight

    Scraping BHW E-Mails? Possible Scam?

    Believe it or not, first thread I've ever created here. But moving on... About an hour ago, I got an e-mail titled "Ultimate Scrapebox Linklist - 12th April", from a gmail acct. It's addressed to one of my main e-mail accts, particularly the one associated with my BHW acct. Now, this e-mail...
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