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  1. sdfdds

    Best Way To Give The Perfect Content A Viral Push?

    I have some bombshell content. Perfect story, perfect image perfect tagline. To give you an idea of the sort of content I have, one of the avenues I'm pursuing to spread it is submitting it to local news tip lines. And they are starting to report on it. Now that you understand how powerful...
  2. LordDeanUk


    I work for a company we need NEW Business Data as soon as it hits Facebook/Twitter BUSINESS NAME / ADDRESS / PHONE NUMBER (UK ONLY) I need a Keyword Scraper making that will pull the Business name, Phone number & address. Currently looking at Scrape Box & G map scrape Would pay what i have...
  3. CMG

    Content scraper?

    Hi, guys. I just created a new Facebook page. I don't create my own content for now, and I'm looking for a good content scraper (if there is such a thing) Thank you!
  4. H

    Urgent!Facebook Email and Phone Number Scraper

    Hi guys! Advise please good plugin or app to scrap/export facebook users emails and phone numbers, doesn't matter free or paid, I am ready to pay. 1) I need to collect a database of competitors pages, I need emails and phone numbers of their fans. 2) I tried to download emails with the help of...
  5. Dron83

    Bot scraper fb page and groups

    hello dear ... I look bot scraper fb page and groups. do this set of keywords. help me find? or create a software !? PS: sorry for my english