scrapebox xrummer

  1. onlinemarketnow

    Scrapebox Security Warning

    I made a post about scrapebox and how to use it the safe way. Again people, use scrapebox with an antivirus software. When you find sites that have viruses, please share the list so others can have it. Here is the BIG downfall to scrapebox where security is concerned. If you are NOT careful...
  2. mrgrim

    How Many Sb Blasts Do You Do???

    I was just curious how many blog blasts do you guys do a day? I usually do 200 with a ton of custom comments, and private proxies. With Keywords as the name anchor. How many do you guys do? I wanted to do about 20,000 "clean"(no dup domains-urls) blog blasts but I don't want to get banned by...
  3. B

    xrummer scrapebox risky?

    Im using scrape box, religiously and am getting the occasional email from ppl that are going through all the links to my final site and stop spamming their blog. So this raised a question. What are the risks of using these tools? -Google ban -Site blocked -hosting pissed etc Does anyone know?
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