scrapebox blasts

  1. D

    Open Wordpress so that I get spammed

    I am busy doing some scrapebox work, to get some of the seonuke work I did over the last work off to a good start, I just spam the heck out of my Tier 2 links. So I was busy preparing my list of blogs, to maximize my blast, I ususally trim my list to the root url and then I do a few things to...
  2. Ghoztseo

    [GiveAway] Small Scrapebox Blast to ALL BHW Members

    Hello guys! I'm Shajid here! as promised i came to giveaway a small blast to your websites or what ever links you gives me.! PM me those details Your Keywords | Only 3 Keywords URL's | 3 URL's Make sure send me in this structure : Keyword 1 | Link 1 Keyword 2 | Link 2 Keyword 3 | Link 3...
  3. notdeadmk2

    Scrapebox Direct Blast to Money Site Case Study

    Hi guys, i will be running a simple case study using standard scrapebox links you can buy for $5.00 off fiverr 50k blast verified links directly to my money site. The reason this case study is relevant is the anchor I use will be 85 to 90% raw url type or non targeted anchor text, such click...
  4. azguru

    [CASE STUDY] Sending Scrapebox Blasts to Your Money Site

    Nowadays, everyone is under the impression that a Scrapebox blast to the money site is "instant death" for any site. During recent campaigns I have seen mixed effects, so I am going to test this and find out for myself. I want to know both the short term and long term effects of this. I figured...
  5. J

    questions about scrapebox, speeds, running multiple instances & using keywords in names

    Ok so i've studied scrapebox & got myself a copy now i used a rather large auto approve list i found here with nearly 200,000 links to blogs out of that 200,000 there was 39,000 successful fast posts & out of that 39,000 i have checked & found almost 7,000 live links so this is all good but...
  6. An71qu3

    [JV] I own SE-X,SB,AMR,TBS,SS,TA,VMR,VMB,CPAB + Dedicated Server .

  7. azguru

    How long do you usually wait before doing Xrumer or Scrapebox blasts?

    How long should you wait before doing Scrapebox or Xrumer blasts for a new site (domain isn't aged)? I've heard a couple different answers and I want to know what a good rule of thumb is. I don't want to get my site sandboxed I would probably outsource it to fiverr for these blasts
  8. memme

    Comment Backlinks Service - High MOZ PA/DA / Low OBL / Do-Follow

    We are serving our customers with backlinks since 2012. Very fast delivery !!! (usually <1h) We think most of you already know us. If you don't here we are! presents: Who we are? I am sure that most of you already know Blackhatlinks. We offer link building from 2012. We...
  9. J

    [GET] 250 links free scrapebox blasts

    Hey, I decided to thank bhw community giving this service for free (thanks button pressed would be nice:) ). So I will give 250 free scrapebox backlinks to first 3 people who write here and send website details PM. So i will give free 250 links EVERY DAY for first 3 people. Waiting for...