scrape user

  1. N

    Twitter Bios w/ FollowLiker?

    Hey, I'd like to be able to get the actual bio text when I use the "scrape users" tasks. So far, I'm only seeing Usernames. Is it possible to set it so that I get the full bio text as well? If not, can someone recommend a place where i can dump these usernames and get back the bio text in...
  2. Danny Crypto

    What is the best way to find instagram accounts from huge email list?

    I'm having a good number of email id's and want to hit them with dm's on instagram. What will be the best way to find them, because on facebook I can search email address and there's a chance I'll find the account but it doesn't happens on Instagram. I have found this tool, but it's not the...
  3. beastkay

    Can we scrape users from a facebook page? [Who liked it]

    Is it possible to scrape users from the fb page?
  4. O

    How to scrape existing .csv lists w/ FollowLiker

    Looking to be able to scrape users of already existing .csv lists that I import, am able to import all users from the csv list into the query but Followliker only scrapes 1 of the listed accounts over and over.
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