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  1. MatthewGraham

    [Easy Trick] How to Scrape All Competitor URLs, Titles, Descriptions, and Meta KWs in 5 Minutes Max

    Step 1: Find a Competitor's Sitemap Basically any site large enough to be worth scraping will have an XML sitemap. It should be located here [domain].com/sitemap.xml Step 2: Copy the Full Sitemap Easiest way to do this is a simple Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C Step 3: Extract the URLs Go to this URL...
  2. sfidirectory

    Scraping search engine results using Java...

    Hi all, To keep up my Java skills for my next year of study, I thought of creating a program that saves a list of urls for a given search term. I know lots of programs like this are listed on here but I thought why not learn something new and create one myself. Trouble is I havn't yet to learn...
  3. aldragon

    :( getting pissed with SB

    Don't know exactly wtf is going on but today harvesting good urls SB crashed many times. Also sending the report to them didn't work also. Any issues I could help with?
  4. 99lives

    Is ScrapeBox the best SCRAPING tool?

    I want a very good scraping tool. Is Scrapebox the best one? I don't need blog commenting an so. Thanks, guys!
  5. donjuan

    Suggest a good sitemap url extractor

    I want to extract the urls from my sitemaps so I can import them into XRumer for some deeplink spamming. Can you guys suggest a script I can use for this task, would be great if it also extracted the title of the page along with the url. These are not wp blogs I already have a plugin that...
  6. S

    PPV SE Scraper

    Modify to fit your own needs (proxies, url length, pages scraped etc), enjoy. <?php class scraper { var $ch; var $result; function __construct(){} private function init() { $ch = curl_init(); $this->ch = $ch; $agent =...