scrape box tutorials

  1. K

    [Urgent] Does Scrapebox have this capability?

    hey, I'm scraping lists but I would like to compare my new list with the old 1. For instance say I scraped 1 million urls and then a bit later I scraped 2 million. I wanted to compare the first list with the old and ONLY take the new targets. I was told to do this .... load your newly...
  2. S

    [SCRAPEBOX] Tip for harvesting pages in specific language

  3. cyberzilla

    [Scrapebox]Finding Auto-Approved Drupal Blogs Which Doesn't Require Registration

    Got some spare time so I'm just sharing one more SB method. Hope you like it. I highly recommend Drupal for blog commenting as they are do-follow by default and generally the comments are auto-approved. I always come across high PR pages in Drupal blogs! The only problem is you need to register...
  4. S

    Scrapebox Tutorials and Approved list

    I am struggling to buy screpbox auto approved list and best practice tutorials in this very best forum, can anyone guide me to one of these seems all the auto approved lists are oout of the stock, anything left, I would like to mod approve list for right price let me know thanks Jay
  5. cyberzilla

    [SCRAPEBOX]How To Harvest "Pages With No Comments" From A Blog/Site

    If you are in hunt for high PR pages to drop your comments for backlinks, you would usually come across many do-follow and auto-approved high PR pages which is spammed to death. Most people ignore those pages or simply drop their comments on those pages which is already flooded by spam comments...
  6. cyberzilla

    Scrapebox Tutorial - All In One Place - Just Bookmark It!

    I see many scrapebox related threads popping up here and there. Few members completely ignore search bar and ask the same question again and again. For those who are lazy to use the search bar and for those who are looking for scrapebox tutorials, I have compiled a list of useful scrapebox...
  7. pintonbd

    Planning to Buy Scrapebox . Need to discuss some issue

    Hi, I am planning to buy scrapebox , but want to discuss some issues with black hatters issue 1: my home pc runs on win 7 with 1 Gb ram and internet speed 300kbps [ data limit 3 GB per month ]. should i run scrapebox from my home pc? if i run what kinds of problem i can face ? Issue 2...
  8. sbw27

    Method to Improve Scrapebox comment approval

    I know there is a few threads about this, but I want to share my method to improve your success rates with Scrape Box blog comments. I am coming at this from two sides, I run a fairly high profile PR4 do-follow blog, that is getting 100's of generic rubbish comments a day. I see the sort of...
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