scrape bot

  1. B

    Looking for a Tinder scraper bot that scrapes Instagram profiles

    Where can I find that ? I don't need the bot to swipe right, just to scrape the Instagram profiles of the girls.
  2. nxtkg23

    Linkedin Profile Scraper Tool Suggestions?

    Hello - Is there are platform out there that is able scrape 1,000 Linkedin profiles at a time and get the specific data set below to export into CSV? First Name Last Name Current Title Company Location Linkedin URL I have not been able to find a tool yet that is able to process that much at...
  3. PDonline

    How to Add Bulk Users from competitor group to my Telegram Groups?

    Hello, I and my friend have created a tool to scrape Usernames from competitor groups and add them to my group. However I got a problem, I only can add 50-100 usernames to my group with 1 telegram account then my account got banned. So I have to need a lot of telegram accounts to add thousands...
  4. Sandie2018

    Looking for someone who will scrape one user's entries on an auction site

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone who will scrape one user's products, images and descriptions from an auction site. There may be about 300 entries, each with ca. 5 variations of a product (different colours for example). The site is not US based. Please provide the cost and time needed...
  5. lrussell5

    Need to scrape prices from amazon listings with just a barcode

    I have 10000 barcodes and need to find out how much amazon is selling these products for. Is this possible?
  6. kayman28

    I transfered a website to a new domain, getting scraped content warnings from Google

    Hello, I recently transferred one of my websites to a new domain. I can't redirect from the old domain for some reason out of my control. However I tried to apply for Google adsense with the new website today and I got a violation message about "scraped or rewritten content on my website." I did...
  7. D

    Need help with data research/scrapping

    Looking for help getting contact information for WAGS (wives and girlfriends of ballers (professional athletes in the USA)). We would like to gather as much of the following info as possible- First and Last Name Instagram User Name Number of Instagram Followers Phone Number Email Address...
  8. O


    I am looking for either effective, existing email scrape tools for Telegram and/or Discord groups, or for a custom-build scrape bot for the same purpose.
  9. T

    Instagram scraping

    Could anyone here explain what scraping means? I have been reading up both on this forum and others and still cannot get to a solid definition of what scraping actually means and how it is applied? Especially in the sense of using a bot. Can anybody offer an explanation in layman's terms...
  10. L

    Scraping Kickstarter - Looking for Custom Script or Tutorial

    I'm looking to either have guidance creating or have some offers to create a custom scrape bot for Kickstarter. Preferably, I would like the something I can periodically run locally (perhaps .py script) that exports out into a .csv The scrape will start from a given URL (sorry can't post them...
  11. E

    Looking for project ideas to make (Bots/Programs/Scrapers/SEO tools)

    I'm looking for project ideas from BHW community, like what type of bots/scrapers/seo tools/programs you which were available on the market or you wish were better than the currently available ones. I don't mind if the projects are too big I'm open to all the ideas. Few project ideas I have...