1. L

    my wordpress website got hacked need help

    my website got hacked i think header working fine , footer working fine all other pages working fine only home page not visible all content not showing but when i update home page it shows for few seconds then again all content gone in inspect element also all content showing how to...
  2. J

    Feeding NetVerify with a fake ID

    Hey all, I am having trouble with Stripe as they are now placing my funds on hold before the first payout; whenever I try to create a new session. I had a few sessions with quite a lot of chargebacks in the past so I think my identity is basically burned. So I need to create a Stripe account...
  3. oneseven

    Are VPN important if I'm just exploring Twitter?

    I want massively scan Twitter and record all the activity of certain subnet where some specific accounts have activity. I know that VPNs are important working with bots (twitting, following, etc), but I just want to get info using the Twitter API. For this purpose, it's important use VPNs...
  4. Z

    Looking for an Australian Utility Bill Scan Or Template

    I really need an Australian utility bill scan or psd for a PP limitation. I'm not Australian and i can't have a bill for scan! Please help me if you can. I'll pay the request amount if you ask.
  5. G

    July 11th 2013 EN Wikipedia global blocklist, including ranges and IPv6 addresses

    Useful for filtering proxies for use on Wikipedia or finding new proxies.
  6. Reefer

    Xrumer Report Scanner

    If you bought a Xrumer blast from someone and want to check out how many profile links in the report are actually seo friendly, so I made a few php scripts. What will happen: Get rid of all duplicate entries in the report text file check each link in report file to find a specific text (domain...
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