1. S

    Russian views and custom comments

    Hello everyone, I need views from Russia or the countries of the former USSR and custom comments. Are there panels where this service actually works? Most SMM panels have these services, but they don’t work.
  2. M

    Crypto to Russian ruble - Russia situation

    Good afternoon all, Does anyone have a solution to convert cryptocurrency to Russian ruble? Thanks in advance
  3. promethus_199

    weird .ru sites that scrapes youtube videos

    i noticed during my research these weird .ru sites that are full of youtube videos ... any one have know the purpose of these site ? ... is it like a method of boosting rank/views ? any insight would be appreciated, thanks in advance .
  4. somewebmaster

    Buying Russian Guest Posts

    Hello I'm buying guest posts on Russian sites
  5. flashsites

    Russian Rotating Backconnect Residential Proxies

    Hi I've been looking for Russian Rotating Backconnect Residential Proxies for a while now. Why are they so hard to find? Any recs?
  6. P

    Some weird backlinks from Russian (.ru)

    While I was doing some backlink research, I noticed this kind of backlinks in batches, which were generated and then lost quickly. I saw these backlink strategy were used by a lot of websites. Some of them gained positive results while some of them negative. Does anyone knows where did they...
  7. johnson.p

    Language Translator

    Hey guys, Looking from English to German, Russian and French Native Language translation.
  8. johnson.p

    Looking for Portuguese content Writer

    Hi, I am looking for language translation, English to Portuguese, English to Spanish, English to German, English to русский, PM.
  9. rezzzort

    Transformation of teenager from Belarus

    Hello everyone (noone). Today i'm gonna start my daily transformation from 0 income now and 0 views with the help of instagram Who am i? I am belarusian guy 17 yo, i want to show you how ordinary teenager can change his life. So this white paper symbolizes my new start in instagram. Beginning...
  10. enovator

    (NSFW) Rank my Porn (Adult) Tube Site in Yandex

    Hello, I am looking for someone very good at Yandex SEO to rank my Porn (Adult) Tube Site in Yandex Please contact me Only if you are familiar with Yandex algorithm(as its different from Google) and have previous experience I will prefer a guy who know Russian + English
  11. Alma

    Looking for someone who understands russian perfectly $10

    Hey guys, I am looking for someone who understands russian perfectly. I need you to read few forum posts for me and help me write a message. Paying $10 on paypal. Alma
  12. A

    Marketing to eastern european women

    Hello. I've looked around here and I'm looking for some advice on marketing to women from eastern european places. Places like russia or romania or italy. I have a product that could be sold to them that just needs exposure. Ideas I have so far: Get a few ig accounts, make them fashion themed...
  13. ellay

    [GIVEAWAY] 5 russian quality comments Free Fb/Yt/TW/Vk/OK/G+

    Hi BHW We are giving away 10 packages of comment in RUSSIAN. (1 package=5 comments) Please post under this thread and PM me the link of your Facebook post , Youtube video, Twitter post, Vkontakte post, Odnoklassniki post G+ post Hope you will enjoy this Thank you :)
  14. TheSingh

    Need Experienced Web Developer for ISP and Server Management

    Hello! I got a site that i bought from some Russian dude and i have absoluelty no documentation or any idea how to make modifications to the site Here's some pics: But yeah, Got no...
  15. E

    Looking for a PBN in Russian

    Hi If anyone knows about one of BHW services providing PBN on Russian sites in Russian let me know (PM or message me) Thanks
  16. L

    Dropship Russian Nootropics/Smart Drugs

    Hello, first post on bhw I am starting an online nootropics store/blog specializing in Russian otc pharmaceuticals and neuropeptides for a north american market. I am looking for a legitimate manufacturer or dropshipper of some of the following products: Phenibut, Selank Afobazole Adaptol...
  17. R

    Looking for Fast Russian Proxy

    Hey,I am looking for really fast russian premium proxy. Someone know where I can buy a good one? I would like to have few days trail before puschare, just to check if they are good for me.
  18. D

    Secure Russian Hosting

    Hello, I'm looking for a reliable host based in Russia, where I can host copyrighted material and that has large data transfer (~1TB). I would prefer VPS, but regular hosting works as well. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  19. E

    Beautiful Russian Girl (Really)

    I live in the US, I have a friend who lives in Russia that would like to make money online to help pay for school. She is 20 years old, smart, funny beautiful. She has lived in Russia all of her life, she is a third year Philosophy Major and is fluent in Russian and English (spoken, reading...
  20. D

    Help with Russian-based WP hosting payment

    Hi, I opted for rip-net dot Russia but I cannot get any money into their online payment systems without verifying myself in 2 other intermediary payment systems...which I cannot do anyway since I cannot provide all that passport information. Can anyone help me with paying this ? I can transfer...
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