russell brunson

  1. UnusualSubstance

    Your thoughts on Russell Brunson?

    Personally , having read all three of his book, he radically changed my view on Funnels. Tbh I didn't even know much about IM in general before I read his books. Clickfunnels at 97/m is exorbitant though. That seems to be what the older threads complain about. Been using Systeme recently &...
  2. R

    Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge?

    Anybody ever go through the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge by Russell Brunson? If so, is it useful? Is the clickfunnels product good? Have a potential product I am thinking of launching and thinking of doing the One Funnel Away challenge and hopefully at the end of 30 days have a...
  3. slickbrick

    Click Funnels Vs OptimizePress? (Not In A Tight Budget)

    Looked online but I've only found affiliates promoting and framing one of the 2. I currently use Click Funnels for my agency main website. I don't do a lot of Seo. I have a quiz funnel to qualify prospects for a free strategy session and in the website I mainly upload ebooks to download in...
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