rss feed backlinks

  1. D

    RSS Magic

    Hello i am new in seo, i heard about rss but i can,t use it properly. can some one tell me how can i create custom rss properly?
  2. energizedmale

    I need a complete template exactly like this

    I need a template exactly like this [ recipes .in ] I have a domain and aswell hosting, waiting for the template, very appreciate if any one could help on this?
  3. R down today; domain appears expired down today; domain appears expired Has anyone ever corresponded with the owner who might remind them to renew? Also, are there similar services that get your backlinks indexed or crawled?
  4. D

    How to add RSS feeds into your website using PHP ?

    Hello Friends, As a webmaster you would interested in having search engine friendly RSS feeds on your web pages because this can help with; ( get php code and add your website ):weather05 Free - :weather05FREE - :weather05DOWNLOADS the rar file .:weather05
  5. W

    hosting rss feeds

    Hello, I have got a lot of backlinks and have created an RSS feed in the hope of getting G to crawl them and give me the link juice. If I host the rss feed on my own site (the one where the backlinks point to) would this be bad in the eyes of G? Where would you recommend hosting the RSS...
  6. nenjak

    Free RSS Submit to 130 Feed Engines

    I've been noticing some traffic to several sites coming from my blog feed that I didnt really know existed until today. If anyone wants me to submit a rss feed (its usually: http://yourblogname/feed) send me a pm. I'll even send you a report of all the sites that accepted.:D Why, becuz Im...
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