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  1. midblackgop

    Looking for sites or site list like these

    Hey Recently discovered these sites (flipboard com and mytrendingstories com). they may call feed redder / rss aggregator. I need sites like these where I can contribute my content. IF anyone have sites like this Please help me.
  2. Roger Marquez

    What RSS Feeder Do You Use?

    Been trying to organize myself by keeping tags on my favorite bloggers and resources on the internet so, I want to start using an RSS service for this. I am NOT looking for a premium/paid one, I know there has to be a decent RSS service out there where I can hook up my favorite resources and...
  3. D

    RSS Magic

    Hello i am new in seo, i heard about rss but i can,t use it properly. can some one tell me how can i create custom rss properly?
  4. D

    How to add RSS feeds into your website using PHP ?

    Hello Friends, As a webmaster you would interested in having search engine friendly RSS feeds on your web pages because this can help with; ( get php code and add your website ):weather05 Free - :weather05FREE - :weather05DOWNLOADS the rar file .:weather05
  5. figgity

    Traffic Bug -- Anybody ever used it?

    Have any of you guys used Traffic Bug @ I just signed up for the free trial like 5 seconds ago, but was wondering if anybody on here has actually used it or had any kind of results--good or bad? The software is supposed to bookmark for you and submit to RSS...
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