1. B

    Porn thread; how royalties are calculated on porn websites?

    Hello everybody, looks like porn is actually a crazy way to generate a lot of traffic, but how are royalties managed on websites like pornhub and xvideos? I tested xvideos by uploading some random porn and i noticed that the views ramps up pretty easily without any kind of effort. If i put some...
  2. A

    Tips for streaming on Spotify to receive your Royalties

    Three rookie mistakes to avoid: 1) Getting into the top charts. (Depending on the country you stream from, there's a limit to how many streams you can get per day per track, if you get into the top charts, it's a safe bet that you'll get deleted) It sounds stupid, but it's very easy to get...
  3. L

    In need of streaming bot such as Spotify, Tidal etc

    I am currently in need of anyone with the capacity to create streaming bot so as to generate passive income. Hit me up on Skype - live:.cid.266bebc41d7f4952 Let's make a deal
  4. C

    Can You Earn Royalties Through TikTok ?

    I just re uploaded old videos on TikTok and the traffic is so easy to get compared to other platforms . Is there a way to create your own music and earn money through TikTok ?
  5. C

    Can youtube shorts be monetized with content ID ?

    Hi , I’m glad to be back on the forum . I had personnal problems in my life . I don’t know about the new ways of making money of youtube . But I was wondering if I could earn money claiming songs that I own the rights on shorts ? Wouldn’t be great ?
  6. Tregow

    Tax identification for Withholding tax on Distrokid

    Hello guys, I started recently making money with Spotify using DK as distributor. It comes time to get 1st pay but, before it, DK is asking my Tax Identification Number (TIN). I have a question for you guys about it. I know they had to implement this control for withholding tax, no problem...
  7. L

    Expanding music streaming to other services

    Hey guys, I am currently making a few thousands per month by streaming my own playlists on Spotify. Now I thought about expanding this business to other platforms as tidal and napster, because they seem to pay a lot higher royalties. Now my question: Do any of you guys already do that on other...
  8. elrond693

    Anyone making money with music streaming other than on Spotify ?

    I've read about dozens of threads dealing with the specifics of Spotify streaming. I've seen many of you here are making a few bucks from this, but I was wondering if some have the same success (if not more), with other platforms like Apple Music or Google Music ? For example, there seems to...
  9. mr_helium

    Hello from California! Here to game the music industry.

    not sure why i hadn't made an account sooner. but i'm looking to work on a more secured way to generating royalties from music services. looking to share knowledge and work alongside others as well.
  10. bbbb bbbb

    My Music, beats, gfx ... Your Marketing/Promo Skillz ... MONEY!!

    Hello, i'm looking for a partner!! Im trying to find someone that is good at Marketing/Advertising/Promoting. I make Music but mostly Beats and upload it em on Soundcloud, Youtube, itunes, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora etc. I as well design mixtape cover art, logos, etc. The people say Im good and you...