1. K

    I Need a Cookie Robot similar to MultiLogin's Cookie Robot

    I've been looking everywhere for a free version of this but can't seem to find it. If anyone has any tips or links to a free software that already does this then I'd be grateful. But if there is no free software that can do this, then I'm looking to hire someone to build this for me. From the...
  2. AllyBarns

    Just Japanese things

    Japanese are way to ahead in tech.
  3. L

    how to fix this console problem please check this image how to fix this problem please
  4. A

    List of AI software I use/ tried/ recommend for content creation!

    Tbh I'm actually slightly obsessed with the idea of having an AI that generates content nonstop and just make money on that haha, but anyway here's some that I have personally used and I recommend: Video Transcription: Happy Scribe - Personal recommendation is you should adjust your video's...
  5. J

    How create robot as GSA, SEnuke?

    Hello! as it is called the profession or course to create robot as GSA, SEnuke? Or where can I get more information?
  6. CaptainWire

    How can I get a seo bot?

    Hi there, I need a bot that registers in my page , but from different ip, where can I get it? Thanks guys
  7. B

    WP plugin for auto adding images, bullet points, paragraphs in post ?

    Hi ! I'm searching for a plugin that do exactly what's in the title :) Since a lot of my blog posts are just big blocks of content, or are scraped from other sites, i wonder if such a plugin exist, that would cut the texts into much more small paragraphs, randomly adding images (from web with...
  8. leadingsmm


    Total: 2,930 (members: 472, guests: 2,405, robots: 53) What does Robot mean? ( I know what is it)..but in the forum? why are there robots? Which kind of robots?
  9. J

    how to block Bot to Crawal auto generated Url of website

    I am facing a problem with my website there are a page of booking but after filling booking page this is going to auto generated Url . which crawled by google and going not found how can we resolve this
  10. Ilia

    Can blocking a website in USA affect the traffic?

    Hi mates, I have a problem. I've blocked my website in USA (when users in USA click on my site they see just a blank page) but it seems that it affects my traffic. For 8 months I see almost 0 improvements in my traffic. I have strong links and good content but almost no traffic. With other...
  11. gentishady

    Will AI take over the world ?

    Hi guys , I saw many vids of Sophia by HansonRobotics that got a citizenship by Arabia , she is very smart and learns daily , the science guy behind this said in a vid that in 4-5 years it will reach human level of IQ, also I saw some of these vids , , .... what if all these are combined to...
  12. Akinyande ayo

    Help:Crawling but Not Indexing after Migrating Domain & Hosting?

    I rebranded one of my blogs 2 months ago, buy new domain and migrate the content to a new hosting account. I've built back links but Google is only indexing One page in 2 or 3 days and I still have hundreds of pages to be indexed right now. How can I index those pages quickly? I also need help...
  13. Akinyande ayo

    HELP: How to Write SEO-rich Robot.txt File for Good Indexing and Ranking?

    Hello BHatters, it seems the best robot.txt years back are now outdated and i've read about the need to include wp-admin, wp-includes and wp-content but need a template, an example of how to arrange them, what to include and exclude. thanks.
  14. akash80575

    Any Facebook Script?

    Hey, Everyone. I am new here at BHW. I wanted to know if there is any useful Facebook script out there to assist you in managing your facebook. ?
  15. CAJ

    Where to get Robot traffic

    It's nut! I've been reading on robot and is driving me crazy. Pardon me but I need more traffic to make a test on my site. Where can I get this 'robot traffic?" I'm using content ad.
  16. freddief

    Best Google+ Bot, Facebook Bot, YouTube Bot and SoundCloud Bot?

    I have been using followliker for a while and it works perfectly. The only problem is that it doesn't work for Google+, Facebook,YouTube and Soundcloud. Does anyone have experience using bots for either of these social platforms? and if so, which bots work best? IMPORTANT - I'm looking to buy...
  17. M

    I'm looking for robs (yes, more than one)

    Sorry, I misspelled my title. It's not letting me change it. I'm looking for bots (yes, more than one) I heard all these wonderful things about Scrap**box but then I learned the things I really want, they can't do. I'm fine with more than one bot, but can anyone please tell me what bot(s) do...
  18. T

    Bitcoin Autosurf Robot

    Does anyone know of an autosurf bot that surfs websites that will pay in Bitcoin? Please PM me if you do. Thanks
  19. C

    Looking for bot that searches on keywords and recovers emails.

    I am currently looking for a bot or some other way of gathering emails from sites with specific keywords for emailing. The bot or script would need to Google search on keywords then visit the sites and source the emails of the site owners so I can send generic emails to them. Let me know what...
  20. Nava2236

    [ASK] SEO Link Robot Fast Indexer Pro, Good enough?

    Hi All, I just curious about some software called 'Seo Link Robot Fast Indexer Pro'.. It just cost $3,97. How do you think guys? How about the success rate compare to other backlink indexer software such as GSA Backlink Indexer? Is that worth it enough to buy this software? Thanks for your...
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