1. D

    [WTH] Software developer, Reverse engineer, Mobile apps bots developer

    Hi, I'm looking for a person who's able to reverse engineer complex apps APIs such as latest versions of Tiktok or Snapchat and build multithreaded bots. I have a proper monthly budget ($$$$-$$$$$) for a right person. I prefer long term partnership rather than a quick buck here. Let's discuss...
  2. dragonguy4

    Reverse Engineering Xiaomi Activation

    Hi i look for one who could do reverse engineering in xiaomi activation Need to be able to remote bulk activating phone just by using their IMEI and device info
  3. MrKanga

    Hiring a Reverse Engineer

    Searching for a Reverse Engineer, Job is to Devirtualize & Unpack/Static Unpack a Anti Cheat. Not really advanced, not Kernel Mode or else. Bypassing etc is done by my Team. Need just the Unpack of it. Offering around 1000€-1150$ monthly. Its a Ring 3 Usermode only AC Changed the Encryption...
  4. M

    Need a freelancer

    Hey all. Need skilled reverse engineer / software architect for some windows based apps. If you got skills pm me or tell me how to get in contact.
  5. WebmasterWorkforce

    Have you guys ever used any of these sites to do background checks on people?

    Have any of you guys used any of these services out there on the web that let you locate people and look up people's information like criminal records and such? (like There are a bunch of free sites out there that will let you do reverse phone number lookups (like I...
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