1. vers

    Is Porn Re-upload legal on spain?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I've been seeing that porn reupload is a good way to start making money online. But I have a question, and I have not found anything about it. Is it legal to re-upload explicit content that is not yours? I see that a lot of people are doing it and I don't know if I...
  2. cherrydog

    This channel just reuploads Family Guy episodes every week and gets millions of views.

    Channel: youtube .com/channel/UC4ey1dqG53-3knohGXekA7w Anyone know more about this? The channel uses a 5 sec interval zoom thing to avoid automatic copyright detection. I personally find it so annoying to watch but apparently the majority of people don't even notice it. I couldn't find any...
  3. beastkay

    What is the alternative of Xvideos, Xhamster, Pornhub?

    What is the alternative of Xvideos, Xhamster, Pornhub? For reupload journey? There can be no alternative for it for sure but any other sites that is worth trying?
  4. Luca Jones

    Porn Reupload Method REDUX - Tips And Tricks For Adult Re-uploading ✅

    Hello my BHW friends! I've been here for some time now and today I've decided to share something useful (hopefully at least some of you that are still starting out may find useful) and some tips for everyone that's doing the famous porn re-uploading method. I have been working in adult since...
  5. savobaby

    Porn Adult Video Re-Upload (Advanced XVideos Method) ✅

    I just wanted to share an advanced tip for people who might be doing the porn video re-uploading method on XVideos. Basically, you want to do this to reach certain high paying countries, depending on your affiliate network and their EPM's per country. First, you want to find the list of top...
  6. Mutikasa

    Does reposting affects SEO?

    There are public domain audio books which are free. I want to have some in my channel, but instead of making it I will just download from another user and reupload to my channel. Does that affect video SEO on youtube? Can I do something so youtube doesnt think it's the same video, like change...
  7. Luca Jones

    ❌ ❌ SEXY INTRO VIDEOS ❌❌ - Your Custom Video Messages On Girls Boobs | Sexy Custom Videos & More ✅

    Hello BHW - Today we introduce you to (Custom videos version) We already have a thread here for the picture services - now we are providing video services too. Videos are great for promotion, advertising, verifications and even intros. This service is for custom videos with paper...
  8. weirdo23

    Verystream dying? Any other video hosting/streaming solutions?

    Okay so ive been using verystream for my streaming websites ,but it seems like they are dying.Most people complain on their services,they also dont respond to tickets anymore ,payouts are late ,im i have a simple question...are there any other video hosting solutions out there...
  9. Luca Jones

    ★★ SEXY ADVERTISING ★★ - Your Custom Message On Models | Ads On Booty & Boobs | Custom Signs ❌❌❌

    Hello BHW - Today we introduce you to! We are offering our new sexy advertising services. You can order any custom messages, your domains, links or any other you like on our female model's breasts or booty (or a model holding you a sign!). You can advertise your PORN or any other...
  10. _Corazon_

    Tired of reuploading Verystream Videos etc? Check this!

    Hey there, First of all, sry for my bad language, its not my native language. And thats not my service! I just want to help people, who have this problem and spend a lot of time in reuploading videos again and again.. So lets begin.. It is pretty simple tbh, you just need to rename all...
  11. Toal5760

    [PORN REUPLOAD] Which sites allow uploading via URL?

    So the title says it all, I'm looking for porn tubes that allow video uploads with URL. Any suggestions beside XV?
  12. Myst3ry

    How many times? Most serious question

    How many times per day je*k off the guys who work with porn reuploading methods?
  13. Junior Albeiro

    The porn reupload method is dead?

    I tried this method, but I have not seen any gain, as I understand Xvideos only allows to upload 3 videos per day, and pornhub only 2, so my question is, is it still profitable to invest time in this method?, I'm a novice so I do not I know a lot of strategies, only what I read in the forums.
  14. Kwikfiks

    Reupload !!!

    Hey! I have a problem with xvideos. For some time, my accounts are deleted, but I want to say that I use VPS. From what I understood , I need to use PROXY. The problem is that I never used the PROXY. There is someone who can help me? Someone who uses Proxy on xvideos. Where can I buy PROXY...
  15. HydroxZ

    Porn Re-Upload CPA (Goal 50$ daily)

    After being months on Instagram I finished the current project I've been working on and so I can transfer to another project. I've seen different threads here with what may work and with what not. For now I have a bot that: Download videos from PornHub at 720p (if available) Watermarking them...
  16. weirdo23

    Vidoza Or Streamcherry for Adult upload?

    What do you people prefer for uploading porn videos...vidoza (which is in html5 format) or Streamcherry which is in standard .mp4 format ?
  17. S

    looking for a bot that reuploads videos from a channel to another

    I am looking for a bot that reuploads all the videos from one channel to another (including metadata). Does anyone know anything that does this? I would prefer it free, but I can spend some dollars on it as well.
  18. S

    Bot that reuploads all videos from a channel

    Hello. I am looking for a bot that reuploads all the videos from one channel to another (including metadata). Does anyone know anything that does this? I would prefer it free
  19. Uzii

    Soundcloud CPA Blueprint

    Hey everyone, Here's something I just was thinking about the other day. By no means is this a complete guide. If you feel something's missing comment and I'll add it in. [Disclaimer]: I will not take responsibility for anything you do with this method. It is probably illegal depending on your...
  20. S

    Thinking about starting a porn tube website.

    Hi there:) Guys a month ago a thought came into my mind about earning some money online by starting a porn website.Later i just did some research and found a lot of material online about the "re uploading method" which is about uploading porn videos on famous porn tube websites to get traffic...