retentionpanel review

  1. JamesHere

    Free Instant High Retention YouTube Views (No Limits)

    Hello, At Retention Panel, we are giving away 1000 free high retention YouTube views. These views are desktop views, come from worldwide countries, and have an instant start with retention of up to 5 minutes. Vevo videos are accepted also. There are no limits on how many people who can receive...
  2. JamesHere

    Free 1000 Facebook Likes within minutes (No limits)

    Get free 1000 Facebook likes to your Facebook page within minutes by just participating in this giveaway. This giveaway has no limits to how many members can receive. Requirements: - minimum 20 posts - leave a comment and then PM your full facebook page link with the full URL desktop link...
  3. JamesHere

    Free Working High Retention YouTube Views (75-95% watch time) - Retention Panel Giveaway

    Giving away free 1000 high retention views. These are desktop views and work for any videos including vevo videos. They have 75-95% watch time. Requirements: - at least 20 posts - leave a comment on the thread and then PM your YouTube video link