1. S

    What Happened here?

    I stopped getting the usual traffic. Most of my posts were on page one and they are nowhere to be found. The only SEO plugin I use is Rank Math. Also, my posts used to be indexed within a day. This week I have published over 100 articles and none has been indexed. Have you had this kind of...
  2. Afterglow

    I grew a site to 100k+ organics a month. AMA!

    This is the graph of a site I grew to 100k organics a month recently. Good content Good links Aged domain Great keyword research That’s all. If you get the foundation right, everything will fall into place :) PS: More than willing to answer questions here - I'm not an expert though. This...
  3. D

    Journey thread - 1 year results from Wordpress blog & YouTube - Road to 100k.

    Hey all! Long time lurker, decided to join the discussion. Guess I'll make a journey thread after posting the results from 1 year of growth. Original thread link here - Niche: Outdoor, adventure, travel, sports, tech, lifestyle, hobbies (both site & YouTube) - Content: 100% self-written...
  4. U

    Red Flags in Top 10 Results

    When looking at the top 10 search results for a keyword, what websites are red flags? For example if there are e-commerce websites in the top 10, one should avoid targeting that keyword.
  5. Niteshr

    "some result have been removed"

    I recently purchased a domain and verify on webmaster for indexing after some time its shows "some result have been removed" on bing search. if anyone know the solution comment below
  6. 8

    GA "Not Provided" Keyword Tracking, showing results to clients

    On one of my new projects is starting to have some traffic trickle in and I noticed the Not Provided under keywords in GA and other analytic platforms. Some research has shown me that around 2011 encrypted search due to users being logged in to google services and just as a step to improve user...
  7. hazzi

    Just got my exam (GCSE) Results !

    These results show i am not smart at taking an exam to decide the rest of my life because I got E’s and D’s and only l passed IT. Now my parents are pissed but this motivates me to show work harder and make more money which is actually coming true. So hopefully I can show my parents the Cpa...
  8. britnelopez

    Google search results

    Have you noticed that, since Google's new update has come, Google is showing many results of the same website when searching a keyword. i think here is some problem in new google search results algorithm
  9. F

    Five Ways to Improve your Site's Ranking (SEO)

    Five Ways to Improve your Site's Ranking (SEO) Follow these suggestions, and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results. 1. Publish Relevant Content Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content...
  10. F

    Tips to ipmrove search engine results

    Tips to ipmrove search engine results 1 # Improving Search Engine Results - Quality Website Google algorithm is based on the quality of the user experience, so be careful to structure your site well and organize its sections wisely with Take into consideration the logical interconnection...
  11. shenZi

    [WP]Scrape the Serp Results (Only URL, Title and Description)

    Hello everybody, do you guys know any WP plugin or something, that scrapes the title, description and url of the top 5 for example of a specific keyword? For example the keyword is "Paris Hilton" and i want the top 5 g00gle search results in my own blog. " Paris Hilton The...
  12. J

    Need reputation management

    I have a few newspaper articles that i need suppressed...
  13. mangoodi

    How to filter search preference

    I would like to sort the search results or particular category page by most liked threads or most viewed threads or most reply threads. Is it possible to do? yes means, how to do? No means, I would recommend to BHW to add that option.
  14. shinigamis0

    My ogads results.

    First of all i want to thank BHW forum! So today i added domains to my IG bios (only 2 accounts) and after few hours i got this: maybe it's pure luck for a newbie, but anyway it looks great! i guess it's time to scale =] so again, thank you bhw very much! (sorry for my english ;) )
  15. cdn_craigs

    May 4th 2016 - Quit my job for affiliate marketing! $100 to $XX,XXX profit monthly story.

    On May 4th 2016, sitting here in Toronto, Ontario Canada (Yup Canadian Here!) - and I just decided to quit my full-time job of 8 years to grow my affiliate marketing business! Here is my story? Like many of you affiliate marketers I was trying to make 2 income streams, one from a full time...
  16. M

    Getting Started - No time for DIY

    I run a small business to business professional services firm. No, we don't provide any SEO or other online marketing to our clients. We have been successful consumers of various forms of SEO since 2001. However, being in top 7 on Google in "our part of town" is no longer satisfactory. We want...
  17. M

    Search Engine Optimization with Large Payout!

    Hey guys, i have a google search for a product that returns several sites that have bad reviews on the product. I would like to bump bad results out and only have good sites on the first search page. If you know SEO please contact me. LARGE PAYOUT! Add me on Skype: socialboostplus
  18. P

    climbing SERP with "name surname" over homonymies

    Hi all, my question is quite stright over: let's assume that you want to push a person on the SERP, this person name could be for example "Larry Smith". Larry has some links related to himself : his personal website, his facebook "larry.smith" and some other links he would like to view in...
  19. C

    Can You Still Spam YouTube Vids to #1?

    I'm converting a lot of our website content into videos and I was just wondering if it is still pretty easy to rank YouTube vids in Google SERPs. I know the algo they use internally on YouTube is views/retention/likes/comments but what about videos ranking in the SERPs? Will inexpensive and...
  20. InnovativeSEO

    Hello BHW members- I won't be noob for long =)

    Hello everyone. I have been an idle member here a while, but I have taken some time the last few days to look around, and wish I had done so sooner. I have found some great posts and idea sharing here so I want to get past the "noob" status so I can contribute in a positive manner. I'm not the...
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