reskinning apps

  1. Badarod

    [JOURNEY] Mobile Apps Revolution

    Hi everyone I hope you all doing good , i'm posting this thread to help myself to get motivated to do what i habe to do in my business life. first of all i'm an android developer (java+android studio) i'm making money bybm developing a source code m, generating a lot of apps from it ,publishing...
  2. Y

    [HELP] The most important TRICKS for the ASO in Google Play store !!!

    i've decided to enter this world about reskin and making money from it but During these period, nobody, even single person has helped me to get valuable knowledge about Google Play.:weep::weep: I am tired of doing this business and I want to try something different, a bigger scale and a higher...
  3. Ashway

    [Hiring] App ReSkin expert

    Looking to hire a reskin expert for reskinning some apps. Freelancer providing phone support is preferred.
  4. N

    Your thoughts on reskining this app?

    Hey guys, I was doing my research and found this app which looks like a great opportunity. Very simple app with just a bunch of magic trick videos that can be taken from some youtube channel for free. This simple app makes 60k a month according to dataplazma! What roadblocks will I...
  5. S


    Since I am newbie here, I have learnt many things people doing here. I am game reskiner and do reskin service for my clients. But for passive income, I am always thinking about to do something. As I am new here. Need some help. Is there any website that give opportunities to upload html game...
  6. G

    Reskin Source Code Android

    Hi First, my name is geriadam umm maybe anyone in here to tell me method how to reskins apps Thankyou
  7. CSharp7

    Hi Iam a Newbie But With BIG AMBITION

    Hi beautiful People You Can call me Csharp iam a developer of Mobile Application Its nice to meet you Guys i wish the best for you and all your Dreams Come true as soon possible Have a Good Day Guys Ps: My introduction have no relation of promotion for my membership.
  8. Yasser Addadi

    My journey With Google Play Since 2015

    I made this post for all the reskinners to share their Informations, results and solutions with the new onces in this field, and starting with me I'll share all my knowledge and also my results with the aim of assisting the other new members. Feel free to ask, and I wish that we could talk more...
  9. medaguili10

    How can I find a profitable niche on Google Play?

    Hello guys i'm starting a re-skinning apps business ( i"m not planing to stick in it ) ; i have made 4 apps till now , but it gave me nothing , 1$ in ad-mob a week ( sucks ) , so i want to know how can i find a good/profitable niche to work on it ?!
  10. Y


    What are the best websites and the cheapest to buy installs?
  11. Prooosma

    [Journey] Reskinning apps with reverse engineering for 100$/day

    So I started Reskinning apps for almost 6 months now but I wasn't really into it, and now I want to open this journey about is to motivate me or maybe motivate others... If anyone has any informations to help me you are welcome to help me and also help others who are interested. With all the...
  12. Y

    Multiple developer acounts tricks and tips!

    Hi everybody. can anyone told me how i could create a second google developer account? is really entropay a good solution? what about virtual box? should I buy a new PC? or just formatting my old one? and thank you so much for your advices!
  13. S

    GOOGLE PLAY | Device and Network Abuse policy

    Hi ! it's been 2 weeks ago that I'm facing this issue , everytime I publish an app on google play , I receive an email after a couple of hours telling me that my app was rejected for violationg DEVICE AND NETWORK ABUSE POLICY . Please help .. PS : I'm making android apps using Cordova
  14. T

    how to make picture not recognized by google image search

    Hello! i'm searching about method that make image not recognized by google search engine, i saw alot of people know how to do it but i don't know how there is no informations enywhere for exemple image that contains naruto character but when you use it on the google search engine, he doesn't...
  15. Archikan

    Hellooo all :D

    Hiii, I'm new in the house, been in the site one month ago, but first time signed up :D My name is Hicham, moroccan, im 24, Architect in the real life, but i work actually in android apps too ( reskinning apps exactly ), it's been 4 months, i made now 15-35$ per day, i hope to learn more to...