research paper

  1. M

    Writing services website promotion

    Hello. Can you please give some tips about how to promote your online writing website. The website specialized in writing essays, dissertations, coursework, research papers, etc. Thanks.
  2. mattoflawrence

    Looking for essay writers

    I am gathering a team of people, who are willing to work regularly with academic writing assignments (mostly essays and research papers). Applicants must be familiar with MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard styles, basic essay structures, references, in-text citations etc. I can provide all the...
  3. A

    Academic Writer

    Hi, I am Zagrat and I am a professional academic writer. I have written for more than 6 years with both ENL and ESL forums. I also do statistical analysis using STATA, SAS, SPSS, Tableau and Ms Excel.
  4. T

    School Project Help

    Hi, I have a project I need to do for a pet related topic. Hopefully, you guys can help. - What kind of people are passionate about pets? - What would you say is the most popular age group? - Female or Male? - Countries with most household pets? These questions can be based on dogs and cats...
  5. T

    Need multiple Tinder accounts with access to chat function upon matching

    I am a University of Wisconsin student looking to do a study through Tinder. I'll be using the research paper to apply to graduate school in behavior economics so it's kind of time pressing. I would need 10 male accounts and 10 female accounts. I will need access to chat functions so upon...
  6. T

    custom research paper

    Fastest and affordable way to help many students just like you. Our commitment to quality custom research paper and service
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