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  1. clo.king

    How to Run Replica Products Ads on Facebook | From A-Z

    Welcome! Today I will share with you one of the ways in which you can promote replica products on Facebook without getting your ads rejected or accounts banned, and to maintain a high level of profit. There are 5 basic steps we need to follow: Warm up the ad account on Facebook Cloak your...
  2. S

    Running stable Google Ads for a black hat niche (replica sneakers)

    Hi all! First of all I'd like to thank everyone on this forum. I've learned a lot from simply being a lurker for quite some time. For example, last year I set up my financial structure and companies based on a lot of the little gems of knowledge I found buried in threads here. Now, however, I...
  3. D

    An In-Depth Guide on How I Found Success with Instagram

    Quick note: This is not a guide that shows you step-by-step methods in order to make money on Instagram. I will not delve into my actual methods of producing income. Imagine you want to learn how to fish. I am not going to tell you where to fish and how to fish - all I'm doing is giving you...
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