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  1. xReminisce

    Microsoft Learn Cloud Skills Challenge is Back !!! | Learn New Skills

    Our goal is to learn and Microsoft challenge purpose is to learn new technology for free !!! Challenge details The challenge ends on January 15, 2024, at 4:00 PM UTC (16:00). Make sure you have completed your challenge before time runs out. Challenge Topics Microsoft Ignite: Microsoft Fabric ...
  2. xReminisce

    Free .co Domain - Offer Expires 21/11/2021

    Link: Not An Affiliate Link (It was from their official email) Find more Info -> Offer exclusively available during Customer Appreciation Week...
  3. xReminisce

    Udemy Courses - Python Bootcamp, PHP, Web Design & Development, Google Ads & way more All Free right now !!!

    Enjoy I am not affiliated with any of these Other Languages [Turkish] [ 3h 0m] C | Yeni Başlayanlar için Programlama Giriş ( 1 day left at this price! [Spanish] [1h 48m] Creá tu propio plan de formación profesional ( 1 day left at this price! [Spanish] [49h 53m ]...
  4. xReminisce

    Have you ever wondered why...

    List things that you have ever wondered why... According to lounge king @TheVigilante rule's I'll start Have you ever wondered why Credit Card Details ain't asterisked like passwords when you type them? Considering how highly sensitive there are.
  5. xReminisce

    If you had $100 to your name, what would you do?

    If you had just $100 to your name, what would you do to turn your shitty life around? That means, you have housing, and clothes (im assuming you wear clothes at home) but no job and no food As Lounge Master @TheVigilante says, OP always goes first Me: I would stop whining and I'll go find a...
  6. xReminisce

    gTLDs have just gone totally off track

    @Willyfish #FishIsFood #FriedFish
  7. xReminisce

    Are you Apple fangirls or Android Simps

    I personally use Apple for my phone and tablets I have used Android phones in the past and just didn't like it as much. What's your uptake on the two mobile OS giants Or are you just a Huawei outcasts :eek: @BassTrackerBoats plz vacation all huawei outcasts ♥ --------------- For all Android...
  8. xReminisce

    3 Months Youtube Premium Giveaway

    I have a 5 Youtube Premium for 3 months free trials cods to give out. Offers for (This is for the Code itself, not my restrictions) So if you ain't part of this list and you grab a code, not my problem if you can't use it This offer is supported in regions Australia Kiwis Brazil Canada France...
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