regular expressions

  1. mohamedabdo

    regular expression by scrapebox i can pay 10 usd

    I have a URL list and I would like to get oR find Getogy / URL
  2. terrycody

    PHP regex please help me!

    I don't know programming at all! But I am using a wordpress PHP plugin, it seems use some regular expression to find and replace the HTML tags in the article. So I meet some problems when using it, please give me some tips if you know how to solve these problems! Thank you in advance! Question...
  3. M

    Example: Stripping HTML tags via Regex

    'Imports System.Text.RegularExpressions Dim htmlData As String '= Whatever data from html page Dim strippedText As String strippedText = Regex.Replace(htmlData, "</??[^>]*>", "") 'For c# just insert goofy squiggles where necessary. I was just needing to strip all of the html tags out of some...
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