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  1. D

    [METHOD] Make $20-$50 Per Day With Quiz Site and Reddit

    I have previously created threads on how to create quizzes, monetize them, and how to avoid your domain blocked when making shares. On this thread, I am going to expand on how you can drive and monetize traffic particularly from Reddit - one of the largest traffic sources in the world Note: To...
  2. seojen

    Reddit or Quora for Traffic?

    So I have this 7 months lifestyle website that I created following a thread I read here about pinterest traffic. Now I'm stuck at 40 - 50 visitors a day with very little earnings from adsense ( approx $3 a week ) I was thinking about finding new wayys of getting more traffic using other social...
  3. bluecs

    Why my traffic is decreasing? Helpp

    hi all , i have movie site and main traffic source is reddit ... i don't know why my traffic decreased 50% do you have same problem? thank you
  4. mayadd

    My Adult Niche Site Journey

    Hello BHW! How are you doing? I hope everything is fine :) So I've posted a journey before with a general porn site, which was doing a little bit fine with earnings (I got about 25$ from it in 3 weeks). After that I read that a single niche website is way way better, so I decided to move on to a...
  5. Titanitex

    [Method] Adult Traffic From Reddit 2019

    I've seen a few people on here needing help with getting into the Adult Niches. Also, as you all know (or should know), traffic is the most important thing when doing anything IM. I thought I would share one of the methods that I have used and discovered myself from other people doing it on...
  6. F

    [Journey] Road Reaching 2000$ a month with Reddit!

    I have spend last 2-3 months on reddit, creating hundrets of accounts, posting a 1000s of posts and building several high karma accounts. I was fortunate enought to earn some decent money. But the method kind of died out. This time I would like to create something, which will later on can stand...
  7. D

    Reddit is a good source of traffic? HOW

    Hi im new on reddit and I found some subreddit that I think have people interested on my type of blog. But I made a post and have like 150 views on reddit and 6 clicks on my site. I need to know how can I get more traffic from reddit, thats possible?? I dont see any journey of making money...
  8. mhtro

    HOW TO?| Fully Automated Instagram | Make money doing "Nothing"

    Thanks to @tglr and his inspirational new journey I sat down myself and started to brainwash ideas, most of them weren't anything unique just some products I could use for Amazon FBA but I got distracted and somehow I ended up pressing the random forum button at Reddit........ Then it hit me...
  9. HenryObi

    What's The Best Way To Monetize Reddit Traffic Asides Adsense

    Just as the title said, what is the best method to monetize Reddit traffic on a news website asides the use of Adsense. Any better option say CPM?
  10. HenryObi

    Buy Reddit Upvotes, Aged Accounts Or (multiple)Accounts For Upvoting Manually, Which Is Good?

    Hi BHW and happy Christmas in advance, I hope you're all doing fine. Recently I've been considering going into Reddit Marketing to promote/grow one of my new sites(it's a news site). So, I want to know between any of these which would be better for me that could help grow(traffic wise) the...
  11. R

    [New 2017] Reddit Upvoters On Skype Link

    Earn 5 to 10 Dollars Daily. #Created a Reddit Upvoter Group for r/world news and r/news and other high traffic Reddit groups. Join our Reddit 100% Supportive Community. We will downvote other Posts and Upvote yours. Only Supportive members allowed. Behave like Friends. otherwise removed...
  12. Pratham394

    Making atleast 5$ a day with Quizzes + Reddit.

    I was one of those 'how to make 5$ a day' people who would ask everyone how to get 5 bucks a day and not do much, like trying myself some thing. I saw those Meaww and Nametests quizzes, though, and started hunting their scripts. I had plans in mind. But I have found that those scripts are almost...