reddit spam

  1. TheBlackDragon

    [Journey] To $500/day with Reddit Bots!

    I've been around here for a while, mostly just reading. But now, I'm stepping up to share my own journey. I hope it'll help some of you, and I'm looking forward to learning from you too! Why I Chose Reddit? A while back, I made some Reddit bots, but I was busy with other work. Now, I have more...
  2. P

    How is he doing this? Biggest Spammer of Reddit?

    i stumbled across this guys account while browsing reddit. he has been spamming this same subreddit for years. he just uploaded every goal from world cup 2022 qatar and got millions of upvotes. how is his website still up and alive? Who is this guy? check this Copyright abuse...
  3. Jean550

    [HELP] How to stop being temporarily banned for spamming messages on reddit?

    Hi guys, Recently, I had four accounts, old and new, that were per banned or temporarily banned for spamming messages. It's strange that these accounts can send massive chat messages to others even if I got the banned banner. But unfortunately, these four accounts have been per banned or...
  4. langtoi

    [ JOURNEYS ] to make 50$ in a day with REDDIT spamming method

    Hello to all BHW members My journey towards my goal of making 50$/day with reddit spam link CPA is back. I have prepared myself with the necessary tools to achieve my goal 30 newly created reddit accounts and start in 2 days with 50 karma per account. 10 pre-made .com .net domains to redirect...
  5. A

    Reddit mass dms/shilling/spam service.

    As the title suggests, I need an experienced person who could pull Reddit mass dms or could somehow provide marketing to the Reddit audience. I’ll need him for a lot of crypto projects I’m part of.
  6. Degen

    ❤️❤️❤️ Reddit automation ❤️ Losing your mind? automate it ❤️ ❤️

    6 amazing scripts that will help you create your own Reddit Empire! Single subreddit check script $ 4.99 With this script you can look up the status of a subreddit. In one glance you will find the activity of the subreddit and its moderators Bulk subreddit check script $ 19.99 If the...
  7. P

    How to bypass Reddit spam filters?

    Hi, I got a YouTube channel and i promote my YouTube videos on reddit but when i post link on some subreddit, it doesn't appear in the feed of that subreddit (i think reddit might be catching it as spam). I dont spam but post only that same link in every subreddits with different title and...
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