reddit bots

  1. A

    What proxies do you use for reddit? I have not been botting reddit in 3-4 years, please help me

    Hello, can you please send me what kind of proxies are you using for reddit? I have not bot accounts in at least 3 years, probably more. What kind of proxies do you recommend? Can I still run two accs per 1 proxy?
  2. 2020movievault

    Looking for someone to create a Reddit automated Dm bot to all subscribers in a particular subreddit.

    Hi as my title states I am looking for someone to create a bot that can send bulk DM's to subscribers of any subreddits. Interested in finding the cost of it from someone that can create one or has something already created that I can use.
  3. AlbertWeskey

    Easy Karma Method

    So I saw a comment by another user on here explaining a easy method for karma which I've tested and was very successful with. I've built upon his methodology and I thought it deserves it's own thread for the learning of others. The nature of redditors The reason this method works so well I...
  4. I

    Anyone have a Reddit upvote bot?

    I've been searching every where for one. I've found and None of them have reviews. I've been contracting a guy I found on here but he got banned and is really slow to respond.
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