reddit account creator

  1. TheBlackDragon

    Should I use old Reddit site for botting?

    Hi everyone, I've recently built some private Reddit bots (account creator, karma farmer,...). Account creator bot works pretty well (80-90% live, no shadow banned). However, when I run karma farmer bot, all of the accounts got shadow-banned (auto commenting to farm karma, 1-2hr/comment). I'm...
  2. M

    Looking for a bot developer for mass account creation on Reddit.

    At a minimum, it must meet the following requirements: Account verification by email. Captcha resolution. Connection with API for proxy management. The rest of the requirements will be provided to those who respond.
  3. kekopp

    How can I monetize many Reddit accounts?

    I think I've found a way to get about 400 - 500 Reddit accounts a week: each one made with a different proxy, from any country I want, new, with 0 Karma. Possible ideas: - Get to be Jr. VIP and sell them on BHW: I don't have enough posts, haven't contributed much to the forum and can't afford...
  4. H

    Can't get Python Requests based Reddit account generator to work.

    Hi all, I am trying to create a Reddit account creator based on Python requests (to save bandwidth resources). Below is a brief summary of what my code does. Btw I am using rotating proxies which I lock in for each requests.session() 1. start an requests.session() instance. 2. update the...
  5. Degen

    Stewielenor's Reddit Account creator

    This is a Reddit account creator plugin for Google Chrome. A great way to start your own reddit farm and that just for $29 A demo of the extension Additional note: !IMPORTANT! The users of this extension will require the following. 2captcha account (+ funds of course) VPS (optional, but...
  6. Degen

    [opinion] Reddit account creator

    So if you would spent money on a reddit account creator, what would the desired price be?
  7. EasySunshine

    ISO: Reddit Account Creator (Bulk)

    Hey BHW Family, Some veteran members and I have been scouring the forums looking for a bulk reddit account creator for the past several hours to no avail. Would anyone happen to know of a solution that works? I greatly appreciate all of you! If someone can provide me with a reliable bulk reddit...
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