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    Render Google Recaptcha from external website

    Someone know how can I render a google recaptcha from a external website? If I just use the 'data-sitekey' from a external source I get the owner permission error. Any ideia what I need to do it work?
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    Captcha Server for ReCaptcha2

    I am planning to create my own recaptcha2 solving website like and I'd like to ask if there is anyone here who knows how to emulate recaptcha2 captcha with sitekey and page URL given for solvers to solve and get a g-recaptcha-response token. Thanks!
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    Recaptcha2 Emulator

    I'm looking for any recaptcha2 emulator. To load the recaptcha2 captcha from any URL to my own hosted script to let a human solver solve it and get a hash token for auto solving recaptcha2 captcha. Write here any responses.. Thanks!