1. F

    advice needed on website spam protection

    Hi All, Not sure if this is the right place but if not admin can you please move the post to the correct location. For the past year or so i always got fake customer accounts being created on my website but i always blocked the IP's manually as soon as i saw them coming in fast and deleted the...
  2. S

    Looking for advanced browser automation

    Hi, I am looking for someone that can help me with automating a checkout on a website. I already managed to automate it with Python - Selenium, but my bot is too slow when he clicks all the buttons to navigate through the checkout. To fasten this up my plan was to reverse-engineer the POST...
  3. Troshi

    How to host your own CapMonster Cloud reCAPTCHA2 (free)

    Github middleware library to send requests to a single ZennoLab CapMonster instance from programs on workstations/servers that do not belong to the same LAN (or you don't want to configure LAN). In other words, your CapMonster instance can receive and solve ReCaptcha2 requests from anywhere. If...
  4. D

    Simplest CAPTCHA solver service to integrate into a SERP scraper - Deathbycaptcha, 2Captcha, Anti-Captcha, other?

    I found these articles listing CAPTCHA/ReCAPTCHA solving services: I was wondering if people can suggest which of these is easiest to use and integrate into a...
  5. B

    $150 BAS Paid work for Recaptcha V3 solution with 2Captcha or any other service

    If you can detect and solve this please let me know. The V3 Module is not detected or working on this for some reason. FOLLOW THIS STEPS:- Here choose Las palmas On the next page choose TRÁMITES CUERPO NACIONAL DE POLICÍA : Here choose...
  6. Turbo B.

    Beware of CAPTCHATRONIX.COM scam

    So I bought this service for Recaptcha solving - as advertised on its website: It was a 100 threads plan. After testing I found it does not support Recaptcha at all, so asked for a refund on the same day: Was waiting for some time for support to respond - seems he ignores me. Later my...
  7. DataLover

    Who hasn't heard of Anti-Captcha yet?

    Hello guys I've looked through some topics and noticed that you all need sometimes a tool for solving captchas, whether it's plain text captcha or recaptcha or even funcaptcha, whatever. While there are some decent solutions on the market, I was very surprised not seeing my friends mentioned...
  8. netfiretec | Definitive Solution in IPv6 Proxy | IPv6 Proxy for XEvil + XRumer | IPv6 Proxy to Solve Google reCAPTCHA!

    PROXY IPV6 WEEKLY PLAN PROXY IPV6 DAILY PLAN GEOGRAPHICALLY LOCATED IPV6 PROXY WHAT CAN I ACCESS WITH PROXY IPv6? You can access with IPv6 Proxy, any Site that has IPv6 connectivity. DO I NEED IPv6 CONNECTIVITY TO USE IPv6 PROXIES? The Proxies Server is an IPv4 server (End point)...
  9. noellarkin

    Factors Determining ReCaptcha V3 Score?

    I'm trying to minimize the recaptcha solving issues I encounter. Listing out what I feel may be contributing factors: 1. signed into google account 2. signed into aged google account (threshold age? how old/active is old/active enough?) 3. is "aged" more about account activity than year of...
  10. noellarkin

    ReCaptcha Callback Function

    I've been writing a script for Recaptcha solving, using as a guide. I've already been able to: 1. Get Recaptcha sitekey from source 2. Send sitekey to DeathByCaptcha service 3. Poll DBC until I get a JSON object back containing the recaptcha...
  11. D

    Recaptcha bypass.

    Hello everyone. I have a python automation script and I've been having some trouble with captcha solving. I've been using capmonster and 2captcha in the past but since the site I'm interested in switched to recaptcha v2 and recaptcha v3 these services do not work as expected. I've also been...
  12. N

    CapMonster.Cloud — Automatic captcha recognition service. Сaptchas: $0.3/1K ; reCaptchas: $0.6/1K

    For further questions please email us at: [email protected]
  13. yesrams

    [PYTHON] Code for Solve G00g1e Recaptcha with Python, Selenium with 2captcha api

    Hi BHW Guys, Can Anybody provide/Share/Show me a Video/Script /code for solve g00g1e Recaptcha V2/V3 with python, Selenium using with 2 Captcha Subscription API key. I trying to registering a Website. I Filled All Filled All Required Fields. But I unable to automate (Are you a Human) (G00g1e...
  14. Ajeet Ghuman

    Why I am getting this on BHW?

    Recently I was getting Recaptcha a lot but today I open one of the unattended tab on my browser to access BHW and I got a box for Captcha again and after solving it I got what you can see in the Screenshot. Why is this happening my IP is not banned or got any problem. Screenshot -...
  15. Hansj80

    2captcha vs Xevil vs GSA CB vs Capmonster vs Captcha Sniper

    Right so I got GSA CB, Tried Capmonster and also got 2Captcha even tried Captcha sniper I've been using it with RankerX and GSA SER. My findings so far... - GSA CB works as much as it can...for normal captcha stuff the succesrate is not bad for an software based captcha solver - Capmonster...
  16. L

    Any know how to bypass recaptcha by using scrapy-splash?

    Anyone* I successfully loaded page using splash but captcha contents are not loading(they load from iframes). I tried passing html and iframes arg in lua script but no luck. If anyone can help me, I will be very glad. Thank you :)
  17. F

    Need help in extracting the url from a site that can then be used for Recaptcha token method

    Hi, I am trying to access a site that I am once more having problems with the token method in Firefox/imacros. I have previously fixed the problem because a coder helped me out and gave me an alternative url to load and then the captcha going to you was all good and working. The site is...
  18. ahmedmani

    Bypassing recaptcha v2 using python requests??

    As the title says is there any way to bypass google captcha v2 using http requests?? all i found was scripts running on selenium that intercept the audio file and a speech to text api does the job but is there anyway to bypass it using requests if not is there any guides or anything to set one...
  19. N

    fastest 2captcha recaptcha solving service?

    I need a service like 2captcha, witouth browser emulation resolve the recaptcha giving the token. I dont mind paying 20$ per 1000 i use 100 per day and each sucesfull captcha reports me more money than it cost so. I just need speed, be so so fast like 10-15 seconds would be so good. if no...
  20. insubh

    How to solve reCaptcha on browser like brave

    What could be the best solution/tools to solve reCaptchas when accessing sites on browsers like brave or other Chromiums. I tried taking an audio challenge but does not work.
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