real visitors

  1. mike burtram

    Get real visitors - real traffic

    Hi, I'd like to get real visitors around 1000- 5000 visits per daily no more. I tried to use ads networks to make a campaign but the issue is that all of them need 25 USD min/ daily budget or 10 USD for 15k impresseions which I don't need this huge number for my website.. Any ideas? Best Regards
  2. N

    Is here any trick to get real visitor to website fast?

    Dear all members in BHW, I am just new of making money online. today i have one question regarding the trick to get real visitor to website fast. Is any members here can help to guide me? Thanks you.
  3. L

    How can i get real visitors for ( ) website link without ban?

    hello.. I have recently joined in ( ) website! and tried to get visitors in many ways, but did not succeed with me any way and I found this forum which I hope to find my request how I can get a real visitors to ( ) link without ban?
  4. B

    Get target website visitors

    Hello friends i want to know about some bot or script or any method from which i can get some target visitors for websites please friends help me i know there are many ways but no one want to tell true i want to earn some money because of that so if any one can help me and tell this...
  5. I

    How to get real traffic on website?

    I'm curious how do you get free traffic to website. In addition to forums and comments on blogs. Considering that I can not promote adult content on social media that you used as techniques to attract visitors on the website. I'm new adult niche and do not know which would be the techniques to...
  6. L

    [NEED RESPONSE] 200,000 impressions, 3,500 clicks

    Hi folks! I have a question. One of my websites raport, as Analytics said, have next numbers: 200,000 impressions and just 3,500 clicks, from 2.632 interogations. As I see, it is not good for me. What can I do do get more clicks? P.S.: I don't want to use bots, and any tehniques for fake...
  7. A

    Best Targeted Banner Traffic

    I want to buy targeted traffic in terms of banner for a project I am willing to start soon. Many are using this to get their sites earning then flip. I believe many of these smart guys are on BHW. Is there any targeted banner network. Trusted and reliable one. Pls I am trying to be rude here. I...
  8. webtrafficbiz

    10,000 Real& Guaranteed PTC visitors for just $9.99 (adsense safe,improves alexa rank)

    The website has been sold . So orders placed through that website will not be processed by us. We are closing this thread for now and might start a new one very soon.
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