1. NightSquirrel

    Lets beat the betting companys $$$ {frontend}

    Hi. I want to crate an app to build a betting program using React (and vanilla css for styling). ! THIS IS FOR PERSONAL USE, AND PERSONAL USE ONLY ! I had this in mind a long time ago, I DONT RECOMMEND BETTING! I dont play that often, why I want to do this is because I started to learn html...
  2. MrFoxyFox

    Authority ChatGPT AI Blogs

    Welcome! As AI becomes more and more prominent in our society, I believe it is important to try and integrate it in our workflow. I want to use ChatGPT (and later other systems) to automise the creation of custom blogs and websites. I wish to develop an app which will allow me to automatically...
  3. L

    Looking for UI / UX React Designer for crypto platform

    Binance exchange but with a twist - backend is done all we need is frontend.
  4. thegoldeneye

    What Do You Think Of Gatsby + WordPress for a Money Website? Have You Tried Ranking It?

    Hi guys, I've been thinking about this idea for almost a year when I decided I want to learn React. After learning React I moved to Gatsby and recreated my dev portfolio website using Gatsby as a Frontend and WordPress as a Backend. I can tell you it was really interesting working on that small...
  5. V

    React Website SEO

    Hi All, We are re designing our website in React and we are in process to launch it. When I checked its source code I saw that only meta tags are coming up but no other html content is there, only few Javascript calls. I know that Google can read Javascript but I am afraid if it create some...
  6. NulledCode

    Create WordPress Plugins Like a Boss

    I previously wrote about how you can create websites using headless wordpress with react, and in this post I will show you how you can harness the power of WordPress and React again to build beautiful wordpress plugins that function like a true application. For some plugins this might be a bit...
  7. liquardo

    A FREE University Level Full-Stack REACT Course (Open for Everyone) [NO SIGN UP NEEDED]

    I figured this could be useful to anyone interested in learning React and full-stack development. It is a free online course created by the University of Helsinki and it has gotten some great reviews all around from Reddit and such. I just finished Part 2 and realized maybe someone here could...
  8. Captaintj

    [JOURNEY] To become a Full Stack Web Developer.

    Welcome everyone to this new journey of mine. Its been quite a few months since i began my journey learning Python to learn automation. But the little did I know, that the way I was taking would take many different turns. Link to my previous journey can be found - Here :suspicious: So whats...
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