rasberry pi

  1. DeathClaws

    Gmt2 on Raspberry instead of VPS

    Hi guys ! I'm doing Instagram botting for a few month now, and I finally find the solution to the new instagram changes, it's work great now ! :D I use gmt2 for 3 accounts on a EC2 Amazon vps, but I want to increase the number of accounts I manage and my vps can't handle them with his 1go of RAM...
  2. Dean Caciopppo

    Randomly changing IP proxy servers

    this is not exactly a "cloaking" question -- but as close as I could find. I am wanting to have my outbound internet connection change to a different proxy server every couple hours. Does anyone know of a service or way that could be implemented other than via the browser -- I need all network...
  3. praveen545445

    Rasiberry pi 3 is good ?

    Is the rasberry pi 3 is good & fast will window 7 or kali linux will work smooth on it ? Anybody have experience on it ?